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    5D mark iv- Error 40

    Yes, I have tried it with several different lenses, I really think it is more of a motherboard or that type of related problem rather that a lens connection related problem.
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    5D mark iv- Error 40

    I have had my 5D4 for almost 3 years without any problems whatsoever, however it has just developed "error 40" when you turn the camera on. I have only ever used oem batteries in the camera, however they have been a mix of Lp-E6n and Lp-E6's both types of battery are compatible. I have 3...
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    Criteria when buying lens

    If the lens does something that I can't already cover with my existing lenses I will consider buying it. There is no point saying I'll only buy an f2.8 or wider as some don't have that (eg a Tilt shift or UWA zoom like the 11-24 or anything over 400mm) Sharpness along with AF accuracy is very...
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    Canon Pro 100 print size??

    what programme are you using to edit your images? surely there is a custom settings option with that programme that you can specify 8.5x11. Alternatively open printers and devices in your start screen and go to preferences and if nesscersary customise it from there- but I think Letter size...
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    Home Studio

    do you have a budget or will you buy what you need whatever the cost?
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    Tamron 45mm 1.8 Canon 5d Mark IV

    It has been a widely recorded problem, for a lot of the Sigma Art series lenses. I'm surprised you only found the 50mm having the problem. As said in a previous post its the lens correction setting in the camera that needs to be turned off and not the lens needing an update.
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    Upgrade to 5D Mark IV or Cheaper Cam for a Wedding Photographer?

    Ok I won't get involved in the second card debate, I have both the 5D3 and 5Div and have been more than happy with the upgrade. The higher iso shots are easier to clean up, I haven't been upto 25000 but I did find that 16000 was easier to clean up. The most thing that I am happy with is...
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    First Images & More Specifications for the Canon EOS 6D Mark II Leak

    In Ireland used 5d3 are going around €1500- 1700 depending upon condition The price of the new 5D3 may have dropped but stocks will likely dry up very quickly, I'm sure Canon isn't going to harm 6D2 sales by having a similarly priced 5 series still in official retailers, (grey markets may still...
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    First Images & More Specifications for the Canon EOS 6D Mark II Leak

    I think Canon has designed this camera to kill the second hand 5D3 market. anyone in the market for a used 5d3 would probably look at this camera and think its only a few hundred $ £ € more for new vs used, warranty vs none. I will strongly consider changing my back-up 5D3 for this camera. new...
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    Updated Canon EOS 6D Mark II Specifications [CR2]

    If Canon are having to protect the "Higher level" 5d and cinema lines doesn't that say something to you? what this camera does it does very well, It is designed as an ENTRY LEVEL CAMERA so it is not designed for professional level videography, people stating that a camera phone does 4k should...
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    A9 overheating?

    The Thread I'm following on another forum has a couple of people with an a9 they have both found the over heating issue but not had a shutdown because of it. They are having a banding issue with the electronic shutter.In other words they spent $4500 to take photos of lightbulbs- you have to...
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    A9 overheating?

    "If you Cant say something nice...." comes to mind at this point. I'm reading about one guy on another sitewho has just discovered it on his new toy.... These Sony adopters are very defensive aren't they???
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    Advice wanted for trip to upstate New York.

    Again thank you to everyone contributing to this thread. I am googling each suggestion as I read them. I am very interested in the suggestion of Montezuma wildlife refuge by monkey44. Does anyone know is it easy enough to spot the Bald Eagles? also would the 100-400 lens be enough or would I...
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    Advice wanted for trip to upstate New York.

    Thanks for the replies everyone, after your reply Don I looked at the waterproof/underwater bags on amazon and the B&H website, has anyone experience of these? I am not a diver or planning to go underwater with it but as Don Mentions there will be a lot of spray, I would really prefer the IQ of...
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    Advice wanted for trip to upstate New York.

    Thank you this is exactly the sort of tip that I was hoping to get!!
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    Advice wanted for trip to upstate New York.

    Hi, I will be taking the family for vacation to up-state New York during the first two weeks of August. I wouldn't really consider myself a landscape photographer and never having been to the area before I was looking for a bit of advice as to good spots for taking photos. I do realise that...
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    Going Traveling Soon, advice needed

    "Stunning landscape" photos generally require some post processing with good software, it's very rare that the best landscape$ shots don't have either digital manipulation of the files or multiple exposures. You might well feel you have time to do this on your trip, you might feel you could do...
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    100-400L IS I vs 400L/5.6 for beginner wildlife/birds/sports

    My own opinion is that the zoom is the way to go, mainly for target acquisition as some said before a fixed length doesn't give you the flexibility that a beginner may need. I wouldn't discount the Sigma or Tamron 150-600's as they are very capable lenses and offer the 400-600 mm option that...
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    How do you deliver photos/video to clients?

    or the few that I have done, I have priced it so that it's easier to let me print them, then if I have to give them the digital files I use a Usb stick. I don't worry about branding.