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    Annoying Advertising!

    Hi Folks. Just wondering if everyone is suffering from an annoying pop up banner advert, full width, static and across the full width of the page? I don’t have ad blocker enabled for CR as I enjoy the site and understand the advert supported theory and I could scroll past the included in page...
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    Wrapping a lens.

    Hi Folks. Nope, not wrapping as in parcel, vinyl wrapping like for a car? I have a 600 L IS and for this I have a camouflage neoprene lens cover, problem is it is thick and gets mangled by the lens cap (the big hood type) unless I take extreme measures, tucking it in whilst springing the cap...
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    The best reason to not use the cloud?

    Hi Folks. Is this the best reason ever not to rely on “cloud” storage? From Canon:- IT'S TIME TO SAY FAREWELL TO IRISTA Sadly, we’ve decided to close down Irista. We would like to thank you for using it over the years; we hope that you’ve enjoyed the service. Your account will remain unaffected...
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    Critics corner?

    Following a post on the bird thread I am prompted to suggest this. A copy of the other response is below. Hi Alan. Quote from Alan, “it’s always good to receive constructive criticism, and there is not enough of it here.” Quite a while ago I was thinking of suggesting a ‘critics corner,” I...
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    Missing member.

    Hi Folks. I am prompted by drmikeinpdx posting about absence to ask if anyone has any news about our most polite and humble member, dear Mr Surapon who has been absent for quite a while now? Cheers, Graham.
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    More than you wanted to know about a couple of gimbals!

    Hi Folks. Having just written this for a reply to a thread, I thought I would post it where others might find it and get something from it. Just to clarify, I am using rotation to denote the horizontal travel and swing to denote the vertical travel. I have 2 gimbals, A Benro GH2, (£350 ish)...
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    Would like some help getting VLC to work with 7D or a free alternative that does?

    Hi Folks. Some of you have already been helping on another thread but as this is now a software question I have brought it here. I’m trying to join some *.mov files from my 7D, into a continuous file, I tried VLC which was recommended to me, is anyone using it for 7D files, anyone using...
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    4 Gb movie limit work around for 7D (MKI).

    Hi Folks. I’m trying to shoot a video longer than 4Gb and have run into problem that the 7D MKI does not just continue with a new file like later cameras. The camera is inaccessible for manually stopping and restarting the recording. (And I’m not putting my 7DII in the risky situation where I’m...
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    Help decoding programmer speak please! (Reikan FoCal)

    Hi Folks. I just downloaded the new Reikan FoCal version, sorted the licence, connected my cameras, the 7D and 7DII connected properly, the 1DsIII gives me this message, “The following error occured while trying to connect to the camera: The method or operation is not implemented.” This is the...
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    Seasons greetings.

    Hi Folks. Just wanted to wish all here a Merry Christmas and health, wealth and happiness for the new year. Best wishes, Graham.
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    Gear advice needed please!

    Hi Folks. I am going on this event A morning on a boat to photograph HSL 102 a WWII RAF Rescue Launch through the London Camera Exchange. I have never done anything like this and I have no idea if I’ll need an EF-S10-22mm or a 100-400mm! I don’t...
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    Is this a sign that my Shutter is starting to fail?

    Hi Folks. From about 1/2000th sec and up shutter speed I get this effect on my shots, it is usually at the top, but this is the best shot to show that there is still detail in the edge, it is just over exposed compared to the rest of the shot. At longer exposures this doesn't seem to happen...
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    Has the forum gone quiet?

    Hi Folks. First of all, congratulations to Craig on the smooth transition to the new look, I expected far more disruption. Now a question for the regular visitors, has the volume of posts / replies dropped significantly since the rebirth? Is this a normal seasonal low or do people perhaps not...
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    Glasses on or off?

    Hi Folks. I am the “designated” photographer for a relatives wedding via the “you have lots of nice camera gear” method of selection! ::) I have done a couple of friends / family weddings already but I find I dislike the no eyes behind glasses look especially as this venue the shots will...
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    How to work out magnification ratio for macro?

    Hi Folks. I have been doing some macro shots and I wondered if anyone knows a simple way to know what magnification a lens and tube combo will give, for example I have a (cheap) tube set, 13mm 21mm and 31mm tubes, if I add each to a 24-105mm lens what magnification will I see. I don’t really...
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    Camera body temperature.

    Hi Folks. To avoid further derailing another thread, but following on from it to some extent, which cameras display the Camera Temperature in their exif files, in a way that can be easily read by software such as Flickr or FoCal Pro? The only place so far I have found the temperature in the...
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    Cruise Liner send off in style.

    Hi Folks. While waiting for a car ferry home we went in to the Mayflower Park in Southampton for an ice cream and got to accidentally witness this sendoff. It is the Ovation of the Seas and I think it was the VIP tour. It is a shame that the modern liners have none of the class or style of the...
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    Help needed with DxO 10.

    Hi Folks. I’m in desperate need of an easy fix to what seems an insurmountable problem. :'( :'( Somehow I have accidentally created virtual copies of all but the first 10 or 20 images in a folder of 3,600 shots for a time lapse video of rebuilding a gearbox and overdrive unit for a customer...
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    Chargers, counterfeit vs genuine. ::)

    Hi Folks. Hopefully this might be of some interest to some who visit the site. Some time back there were warnings about counterfeit Canon products and how they might be damaging or even dangerous. Suffice to say I got caught by that old “if it looks too good to be true it probably is” adage...
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    Sticky rubberised coating.

    Hi Folks. I just bought myself a pair of Interfit Stellar X150 lights, I know they are lower end older generation units but I don't think I need massively powerful lights for the primary task of lighting my workbench to make a time lapse of some work. They are in really good clean condition...