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  1. fugu82

    Why do lenses need a battery in the camera to manually focus?

    Just throwing this out as a query to the many sages out there. Why do lenses need a battery in the camera to manually focus? Found this out when I was playing with a TS-E 24 on my [very new] 7D2, which had it's battery in the charger. I thought there was something wrong with the lens; found out...
  2. fugu82

    Advice on Really Right Stuff tripod and ballhead

    I have come to the point that I want to upgrade from my current tripod. I have a Manfrotto 190CXPRO4 with an 054 head converted to A/S that is getting pretty beat up. I use it primarily for landscape and night photography. Heaviest rig is a 5D3 and 100-400. I am a 5' 4" older lady, and don't...
  3. fugu82

    Flash Recommendations for an Existing Light Photographer

    I don't currently carry a flash at all, and the only standard one I own is a 380EX, which actually kinda works with my 5D3, but is possibly just a little dated :-\. But occasionally I think that owning something for some discrete fill or freezing action would be nice. So what are some good...
  4. fugu82

    TC or Crop? Is there a consensus? Please help!

    I have been trying to decide whether to purchase a Kenko 1.4 or 2.0 teleconverter for my 5D3, and after a fair amount of research, cannot find a definitive, objective answer to the TC or crop question. So, someone out there, is it worth the $$ and the manual-focus PITA to use a TC on my 100-400...
  5. fugu82

    Photomatix Pro beta

    Photomatix Pro has a beta release that will open 5D Mark III raws: