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    Two new EOS R bodies coming in the first half of 2020 [CR3]

    If the OP says “known source”, then it’s a real person(s). If the OP says “source(s)”, then it’s made up to trap a source to talk- clever!!
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    Canon announces photographer matching service and Photo Culling plug-in for Adobe Lightroom Classic

    ...the matching service ... Sounds like a group of elitists finally figured out a way to weed out all of the “pro” photogs
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    Preorder: Canon EOS-1D X Mark III with bonuses and a giveaway

    They called the wireless attachment “WTF...” @ a really wtf price of $600+
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    EOS R related announcements coming for CP+ [CR2]

    Conceptually, 5D has the same architecture as the 1D. E.g. they both have the large thumb wheel. The EOS R has similar architecture as the 90D, tiny thumb wheel. There’s gonna be a lot of milking during this transition from EF to R.
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    Canon EOS-1D X Mark III Summary

    I guess we all know now that the EOS R for sport will have same specs minus the mirror.
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    The Canon Store refurbished sale ends tonight!

    Added the coupon and price for 5Div or R are about $200 higher. Can someone help
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    Another Canon Patent on IBIS + IS

    Any camera currently with IBIS with pentaprism (aka OVF)?
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    Is there still hope that we see in-body stabilization in the Canon EOS-1D X Mark III?

    If they retain 100view and OVF, then it won’t have IBIS.
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    Patent: Some crazy fast RF mount prime lenses, including an RF 18mm f/1.0L

    I remember several optic physicists or engineers on here were disgusted that I proposed that with Canon RF platform they can create significantly faster lenses than EF. Very close-minded ppl
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    Canon U.S.A. Introduces Its First Two 8K Broadcast Lenses

    Another video ... the operation
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    Canon U.S.A. Introduces Its First Two 8K Broadcast Lenses

    Video showing setup of a typical Sony “hard” camera with canon lens use in sporting events. 2008 was a very exciting time when 2/3” sensor was considered “large” sensor and 5DII changed the way Indi films (and Hollywood) were made
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    Patent: Canon RF 10-24mm f/4 and Canon RF 14-28 f/2.0

    Hopefully, the f/2 lenses will below $10K
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    More about the upcoming high-megapixel EOS R system camera [CR2]

    Not precisely. Some people like myself have only used the original Compact Flash, not QXD or CFexpress. They could very well be using CFexpress like on the new C500 cinema camera. If that’s the case, this camera will likely fit Canon’s conceptual model of “consolidation”, which could be a FF...
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    Patent: 83mp full-frame image sensor from Canon

    Made for pixel peepers - literally!!!
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    Canon to announce EOS-1D X equivalent EOS R system camera in 2021?

    Hopefully, the body will be in a compact form, not in a massive body like 1D.
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    Initial testing shows Canon’s new 32.5mp APS-C sensor improves dynamic range over predecessor

    What kind of contents are you shooting for (e.g. feature, indie, YT, vimeo)?
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    Why has Canon omitted 24p 4K recording in their new cameras such as the EOS M6 Mark II, EOS 90D and EOS RP?

    If there's enough popularity and demand, Magic Lantern will crack the camera and add 24p. What I really believe is that Canon was waging on the side that demand for video DLSR (or mirrorless like R or RP) for indie and hollywood film making has dropped dramatically. The whole 24P started back...
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    Why has Canon omitted 24p 4K recording in their new cameras such as the EOS M6 Mark II, EOS 90D and EOS RP?

    wait ...whaaaaaat??? the last pay raise you accepted, did you not deserve it?
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    An APS-C sensor equipped EOS R camera mentioned again [CR1]

    I think I undertand what you're asking... If the flange-to-film plane distance of M is longer than the R, then yes. You can do a research to quantify it but from an observation it's not going to work, simply the "distance" is the other way around (bc there's a shutter in R that pushes the...