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    600mm as a macro ;-)

    nice shot - large zooms or focals do work very well for CLOSE-UPS. For true macro with a reverse ring it's the opposite; you actually want wide angle lenses. Can't image the sig150-600 with a reverse ring LOL
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    EOS-R hands on, Portuguese language

    ...brazilian accent - ok, still officially Portuguese
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    A hypothesis concerning the RF mount

    I really hope that EF lenses can be mounted without too much fuss. For what I see with other FF mirror less systems (except Leica rf) the lenses are almost as big and as expensive....however legacy lenses will be left in the dark.sort of. After all how much more is needed to make it work? Isn't...
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    Zeiss Otus 28mm f/1.4 Review | Dustin

    Great review, as usual wish Zeiss had done a 21 or 24mm instead (maybe a 21mm is not feasible anyway) is just not the right focal for me, which saves me a bunch of money.....
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    parts for Canon 180mm f/3.5 macro

    you might have to adapt/modify from a find at you local hardware store other two options would be a getting a aftermarket tripod ring or (even harder to get) find someone that would lend you that screw and washer and get it "copied"/machined. It is possible to make a mold and then cast one in...
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    Big discounts on Zeiss 135mm f/2 and 15mm f/2.8

    you might want to consider sending it to Zeiss and get the hood removed - not exactly cheap , but then you can get the milvus hood, which is not cheap either. In the end, you have to consider the love for the lens and the cost to upgrade.....
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    Helios, Jupiter, Orestor

    if it's just to try out buy the cheapest , but not as a keeper - I took me a few tries to find suitable pratika to EF mount adapter ( I have 3 extra)
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    B&H Photo Now Carries Really Right Stuff

    that's great ....but I guess now it explains the announced price increasing for next year. there is a new price for convenience :P
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    Cold weather wide-angle re-hash

    Never been to that area, but having done many snowshoeing hikes here in Oregon where I live, been to Nepal, and hiked in Patagonia, I will say that changing a battery while outside is the least of your concerns - well, aside getting the finger tips cold for a little bit While outside (assuming...
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    Hiking Setup and Backpacks

    Hey Vern, thanks for your insights - could you post a more detailed picture showing your setup? seems that was not on in last picture, and would really like to know how to replicate it - that is, if you don't mind :) Thanks Phil
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    Hiking Setup and Backpacks

    As others already said - backpacking= overnight and maybe more than one day. So, the priorities: survival, meaning you pack properly for a backpacking outing (sounds that you know what this means) and compromise some comfort or luxury items in favor of photo gear - replacing with ultra light...
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    Got GAS. Streamlining equipment, buying deals, future prices and equipment...

    then it comes down to what you need right now - do you need to print large prints in high resolution? it's a tool - and produces results I just returned a 5Dsr from CPS, but have no experience with a 6D. In the end, I would not trade my 1Dx for the 5Dsr, but I am considering upgrading my...
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    Got GAS. Streamlining equipment, buying deals, future prices and equipment...

    ...take a photo-shooting vacation. sure, new gear/toys are great, but is it indeed the equipment that is holding you back? the 5Dsr will give you far more pixels for printing. Me, I would rather spend in glass, or in a trip of a lifetime to that spot one want to go, but the family refuses to be...
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    Tips for cleaning a recessed rear element on a lens?

    to pick up dust from the rear element edges, you can use a good quality nylon fine point brush (keep it clean by not touching the bristles with your fingers -blow dust specs with blower) - all the advices given are pretty good, but careful with the blower when the rear element does not seat and...
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    Ring flash for macro

    +1 I actually tried the Canon ring flash - v1, and the Yongnuo flash is simply a disrespectfully copy, which is bad news for canon, and great for anyone willing to save some money, and seldom uses the flash. No sure about durability and reliability using it in a working environment - but even...
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    Any thing Shot with a 5ds/r

    last one for today
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    Any thing Shot with a 5ds/r

    one more
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    Any thing Shot with a 5ds/r

    playing with a CPS loaner
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    Exakta Lens to EOS Body ?

    specific lenses have different requirements.... I have Meyer Optik that does not need the extra glass element, but my canon fd 35-105 does I would do a more detailed search for the lens in question (what-ever-might be) here's one site that might help:
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    TS-E 17 for tilt on 5DsR?

    well, sort of does, but not directly: