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  1. Aussie shooter

    Required specs for editing?

    I am looking at upgrading from my laptop to a desktop for editing. At the moment i have a 7d2(around 20mb files give or take) bit want to future proof for when i upgrade camera bodies as well. What sort of specs would you recommend for a computer to handle to load effectively?
  2. Aussie shooter

    Rp vs 7d2 high iso performance?

    My 7d2 just doesn't cut it for aurora photography. I love it. But i have to consider upgrading to a FF for this particular purpose(and obviously it would get used for general landscapes etc). I am wondering what the actual difference is in high iso performance(1600-3200) btween an rp and the...
  3. Aussie shooter

    Third party prime for night sky photography/Auroras

    I am looking at getting a fast prime for milky way and aurora photography. Running a 7d2 atm so thinking something that will give me around a 20mm equivalent on the crop sensor but obviously will fit a FF when I go in that direction. Any suggestions on a decent affordable option?
  4. Aussie shooter

    Australian wildlife

    I couldn't find a thread focusing specifically on the unique animals found in Australia so here we go. Wild or captive is fine(if captive it would be good to be aknowledged). I'll start with a couple taken recently at a sanctuary called 'Tasmanian devil Unzoo'. It has some animals that are...
  5. Aussie shooter

    All quiet on the western front!!

    It really does seem to be very quiet here atm doesn't it? A possible/probable all in o e replacement for the 80d and 7d2 and that is it? No real hints on the next r body timing. No further mentions of the upcoming rf lenses(especially the 24-240 non L). I am starting to wonder if canon have...
  6. Aussie shooter

    Galapagos questions

    I made a post about this in another spot but it doesn't seem to be getting any hits. I an heading to the galapagos in a months time and while i already have a fair idea of what i will be trying to shoot i am wondering if anyone who has been there can give any ideas i may not have considered. The...
  7. Aussie shooter

    Galapagos islands

    Off to the Galapagos in a months time. I have a fairly good idea of what shots I would like to aim for but any ideas would be welcome. Things I may not have thought of etc from anyone that has been. It is an 8 day boat trip arou d the islands so I don't have complete freedom of times etc so i...
  8. Aussie shooter

    So just how busy is 2019 going to be?

    What do we think we will see in 2019. It is shaping up to be very busy year for Canon if they release what I think they will/should release. 5dsr2, 7d3,90d,78d, 2new rebels? eosr(x)?3-5 lenses for the mirrroless system, maybe more. Do we really think they will punch out this much stuff or will...
  9. Aussie shooter

    long exposure effects on sensors

    I have been doing some extra long exposures lately(up to 40min) and am wondering if it will have any long term effect on the sensor. I haven't noticed anything but would like to know before I do to many more.
  10. Aussie shooter

    70-200 2.8 with 2x tele vs 100-400mk2 with 1.4 tele

    Looking at getting rid of the sigma 150-600 and replacing with one of these two combos as with a trip to the Galapagos coming up weight savings are a priority. Losing some reach with the 70-200 option but getting a more versatile rig than the 100-400 and being that it will be mounted on a 7d2 I...
  11. Aussie shooter

    7d2 CF card?

    I have just been using my SD cards since getting the 7d2 but am after advice on prefered CF cards for the camera. Budget won't extend to the ridiculously large or fast cards so what should I be looking at?
  12. Aussie shooter

    Antarctica pics

    Here are a few pics of a trip I did to Antarctica last xmas. I was only just getting back into photography at that point and was using an entry level canon but still. It would have to be the most amazing place on earth to take a photo. If you ever get the opportunity do not hesitate...