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  1. SPL

    Ireland - along the Wild Atlantic Way - Part 2

    Excellent photos, but...I'm sorry, IMHO...out of respect for the Irish people, I absolutely would not have used that display case as a tripod...
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    Specifications & Images of the Upcoming Canon Lenses

    Anyone have a guess/opinion on price?......and anyone planning on selling/keeping their 85L 1.2 II?
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    Canon EF 85mm f/1.4L IS USM on the Way [CR3]

    Boooo, not f/1.2! (Hey that rhymes), no seriously, this looks to be an awesome lens!, with IS!
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    Announcement: Winners of EOS M5 & PowerShot G7 X Mark II

    Congratulations you two!, enjoy your new camera! I would love a new M5!
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    Blurry Images of Canon EOS 5D Mark IV?

  6. SPL

    Canon EOS 5D Mark IV Being Tested by Photographers

    Really hope it has CFast and CF card slots and same 5D III battery...
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    Canon 16-35MM F4 IS or 16-35MM 2.8?

    Just my two cents…. I owned the 17-40mm for several years and always felt that it was quite soft. I sold it, and replaced it with the 16-35/4L IS. I am very happy with the 16-35/4L IS. The IQ is fantastic and the IS comes in handy (which I thought I would never use…).
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    Really Right Stuff - Should I shoot?

    I wanted to also add; I have used many RRS products for about 8 years and have had absolutely no problems or issues with their products. Their customer support both through email and over the telephone is also terrific. They have always answered my questions in a timely manner and again, their...
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    Really Right Stuff - Should I shoot?

    Few months ago, I ordered a TVC-34 with a leveling base to go along with my BH-55. For me, it was an expensive tripod upgrade….but I could not be happier! RRS quality is amazing and simply a pleasure to use. Enjoy!
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    Banff National Park Help

    Hi everyone! I have asked many of you for advice and locations for several of my photo trips…so a big thanks! I’m now asking for any advice and suggestions for Banff National Park. It will be 5 day trip with our base location in Canmore in June Also…sorry if this has been posted before Thanks...
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    New Gear Resolutions 2016

    +1 I would love to add a 24mm TS & a 100mm L macro to my bag,… but I need to get out and shoot more. Glad to hear you are feeling better! Have a great year and hope you get to add many “keepers” to your image list!
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    How Much Video Have You Shot On Your Canon DSLR

    I'm on my 4th dslr since my film days, ..... Have, not, shot, video....
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    +1 James!...totally forgot about this option! This a great idea. Try the water taxi…get on and off at various stops….the city at night/evening is awesome!...have fun!
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    Shooting from the Planetarium and the Shedd Aquarium is sometimes a nice shot
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    I'm going to give a fantastic plug for the web site of Chris Smith "Out of Chicago" His web site and web book are great with fantastic ideas for locations in Chicago!
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    TVC-23 vs TQC-14?

    +1! The TQC-14 is fantastic! I have it paired with a BH-40 for my general purpose and travel tripod and it is great.
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    Two More 5D Cameras Coming? [CR1]

    Not related to the new 5D bodies in the future, but,…I just like that gdanmitchell is joining us! His images are fantastic!!
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    Do you care about 4K?

    Me also!!, tired of all the video talk!! Blaaaaahhhhh!