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    Sept. BCN Rankings

    Let the flame wars begin:
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    Canon EOS Roadmap

    With the release of the 90D, I believe we can get a pretty good idea of Canon's product roadmap over the next 18-24 months. EOS Rs --Apprx. 83 mp sensor, probably only one version and it will not have an anti-aliasing filter, may be the first Canon body with in-body image stabilization...
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    EOS R Tips and Tricks

    Starting a thread in the hopes of learning and sharing advice on using the EOS R. Not interested in people's opinion on the R generally. Instead I'm looking for practical advice from other R users. Specifically, to start the thread off: Advice on using the bar thingy – How are people using...
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    Bad News for 7DIII? Nikon Dropping D500 Line?

    This doesn't bode well for a 7DIII. Nikon Rumors has placed the D500 on a list of DSLRs that will not be replaced.
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    Sony is Doomed!

    Could not resist the title. Photorumors has new BCN results and compares them to previous months, showing that Sony's full frame mirrorless market share has dropped significantly, while Canon is on the rise. Not bad considering all the grief Canon takes on this forum for not having a...
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    Ricoh predicts DSLRs will bounce back

    Interesting story on Imaging Resources. Ricoh apparently believes the fascination with mirrorless will fade and DSLRs will make a comeback in a few years. My opinion is that both formats have their advantages and until one can claim all the advantages of the other format with no compromises...
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    Looks like B&H, Adorama, etc will start collecting sales tax

    I missed this story. Before people start ranting keep in mind that in most states buyers always owed the taxes, some companies just didn’t collect them.
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    Just Bought ProGrade CFast Cards

    After losing a card wallet with at least two-three CFast Cards while covering a sporting event this past weekend I went on a search for some replacements. I decided to try the new ProGrade cards as I could buy two 128 mb cards for not much more than a single card from SanDisk or Lexar (if you...
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    Exposure Differences 5DIV vs. 1DxII

    I wonder if anyone else notices this. When I shoot with the 5DIV and the 1DXII side by side, I often notice that the files from the 5DIV are noticeably darker (underexposed). I don't generally have much of a problem bringing up the exposure in Camera Raw, so I guess it doesn't really matter...
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    Fantastic Deals this Year: Thoughts, Opinions, Confessions

    This has been an incredible holiday season for Canon buyers in the U.S. It seems like a new fantastic deal was announced every day. Some examples: The 6DII and 5DIV bundles from both B&H and Adorama; Canon's free battery grip promotion; Refurbished 6DII with 24-105 STM for $1,300, Refurbished...
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    High Megapixel 1D body

    Reading this thread: and seriously questioning the premise that there would be high demand for such a product, it seems like the best way to test the theory is to survey Canon Rumors Forum Participants. While forum readers are not your...
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    Why No EF Mount Third-Party Bodies

    Seeing reports of the new Panasonic video camera that uses the EF Mount, brings to mind something I've wondered about for some time. Lots of third-party manufacturers make EF mount lenses. Yet, I've often wondered why there aren't some third-party camera manufacturers making EF mount bodies...
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    Dear Canon, please quit toying with me!

    Dear Canon, I've been a big fan and loyal customer of your refurbished site. But please, why do you buy internet ads that pop up on this site and others that advertise refurbished lenses that are not in stock? I know it is just that your robots spy on my browsing history and when they see me...
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    Canon online classes

    I see that Canon USA has gotten into the online learning business, trying to sell instructional videos for download. The topics look very basic and aimed mostly st beginners, but I'm wondering if anyone has purchased any of these and what your experience has been.
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    Latest in the Grey Market Wars

    Several sites are reporting the latest news regarding the ongoing anti-grey market efforts. Fuji has apparently joined the fight and Canon has reached a settlement with one grey market seller that sounds like it could mean an end to their selling grey market bodies. I've noticed lately that...
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    The 5D IV is so Yesterday

    Now that the 5DIV is out, it's time to start arguing about the next release/releases from Canon. What body/bodies do you want to see released? When do you predict that will happen? What lenses? When? It seems to me the most likely bodies coming up (in order of release) would be one or two new...
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    Photo Sharing Site Advice

    Help. I need advice on a photo sharing site. I need an easy to use site for clients. Background: As a "value-added" service to our clients, I am offering "stock" photos that they can use free of charge. These will be general photos, as well as photos that are focused on their particular...
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    San Disk CFast Card Corruption on 1DX II

    I know that there has been some discussion about this, but I'm not finding a single thread that pulls all the comments together. I wrote CPS and got the following response: Not the most reassuring response, but I imagine that the unpredictability of the issue might mean it will take some time...
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    Weird Behavior with 1DX II and silent shooting

    First of all, let me say that if someone points out that I've got a simple setting wrong and I'm an idiot, I wont be offended. I was shooting a press conference today and decided to use silent single shooting on my new 1DX II. (Man, I know I will miss the real silent shooting of the 5D III.) It...
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    Shortage of 1DX typical or not?

    Noticing that the 1DX II seems to be in short supply in many areas of the world and that in the U.S. it seems to go in and out of availability quite quickly, got me wondering if this is typical of newly released 1D models. I was never in the market before, so never paid any attention. Just a...