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    Chicago Visit

    My wife and I went to Chicago this past July for our last trip alone before the little guy got here. What a beautiful city! The weather was amazing and the people were so friendly. I was pretty happy with the shots I got with the trusty old 40D.
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    Jekyll Island Sunrise

    I took these early one morning last year... back when I had a 5d III... :'( :'( :'( Slumming it these days with a 6d!
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    The New Guy

    I have always taken landscape photos with no lighting or flash etc. This was an experimentation with our newest addition to family that came over Christmas! I definitely see things that could be improved, but I would love to hear feedback/critiques on technique, composure, etc.
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    5D MK I Still Relevant?

    Hey guys, I've been following the site for some time and finally decided to jump in. I recently bought a 5D MK iii but decided it had way too many features I was not using. I NEVER shoot video or HDR in camera so I sold it. But now I find myself missing the FF and I'm not getting the most out...