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  1. Viggo

    TDP Review of the RF 15-35 f2.8 L IS

    Bryan posted his review. I still can’t get over the vignetting of Canons uwa’s...
  2. Viggo

    Canon to add 24p recording to the Canon EOS 90D, Canon EOS RP & Canon EOS M6 Mark II

    Hi! Just wanted to share this;
  3. Viggo

    Don’t trust your R in the rain :o|

    Hi guys! I’m a sad panda now... Was out in a light drizzle today. I had my arm covering the camera most of the time and wiping it off. I know it’s nowhere near the level of weather sealing the 1dx2 has, but it was such a light rain I figured it would be a non issue , it wasn’t ... Drying it...
  4. Viggo

    Major AF firmware for R and RP (video)

    Why isn’t anyone talking about this yet??
  5. Viggo

    Boring firmware for the EOS R available.

    Wanted to share the new firmware, but not get any hopes up, that’s why the title. 1.3.0 available here:
  6. Viggo

    TDP posted RF 85 review

    Here it is!
  7. Viggo

    Buy RF 85 in Nashville?

    Hi guys! I’m trying to find a camera store in Nashville that carries the RF85, anyone a bit closer than across the globe that can point me in the righ direction? I tried Dury’s and BestBuy, but I couldn’t find it in either of them. Thanks!
  8. Viggo

    EOS R AF with 1.2.0 firmware

    Hi! It’s been bugging me a bit for a while and almost turned into real frustration every now and then so I gotta ask; Is it just me who finds the EOS R AF to have taken a turn for the worse with the 1.2.0 firmware? Where it before was impossible to miss I now find it to miss more even with no...
  9. Viggo

    RF lenses and Lightroom Lens Correction profiles

    Hello! I recently learned that the reason Lr doesn't have RF profiles (except for the 24-105) is that they are built-in to the cr3 files and that Lr applies the correction automatically. However, I can't get that to apply to my files. I get the "unable to locate a matching profile...
  10. Viggo

    EOS R and 135 L issue?

    Hi good people! I recently bought a 135 L to use with my R. But I get seriously disappointing results regarding Servo AF. My RF50 can’t miss, and the 135 can’t hit. It’s okay, but only okay, in One Shot and in servo I get a 2 out of 15 shots sharp, the rest is so OOF you can’t tell who I took...
  11. Viggo

    Is your site gone from red to yellow?

    Hi! Suddenly everything is yellow/orange, can I get the red back please?:p
  12. Viggo

    Test your EOS R with Flash, the cause of green banding!

    Hi! I’ve discovered that the green stripes and banding with the EOS R isn’t showing without flash/trigger in the hot shoe. Can you please shoot a dark shot with flash and then with nothing in the hot shoe, push about 1.65-2.15 stops in Lr and see if you experience the same as me. It’s driving...
  13. Viggo

    So the banding is back??

    EOS R image quality Normally I wouldn’t care too much about this, but I saw banding happen very early with the files Jared had for download previously and to see it now also, and not in a structured pattern has me a bit concerned. I loved my 1dx, but IQ wise the upgrade to the 1dx2 was...
  14. Viggo

    Here's the manual for the EOS R!

    Here's the full manual to download. EOS R pdf I'm very happy reading through this for many reasons, so I'll just post the ONE thing I have an issue with; Why is it not possible to remove unused shooting modes? I can choose what to display in the VF with great customization and pick and choose...
  15. Viggo

    AF setup help needed

    Hello ! I wonder if someone has any tips regarding tracking kids downhill sliding/sleigh (if that’s what it’s called)? There is kind of flat light, and it seems impossible when it’s snowing, focus is on the snow itself, but the kids have very bright colored clothes against white and more white...
  16. Viggo

    Whoop here it is ; ad600 PRO

    What do you guys think?
  17. Viggo

    85 f1.4 L IS alternative lens hoods?

    Hi guys, a happy new year to you all! Over Christmas I’ve been using my 85 IS a lot and it still bothers me a lot how difficult, compared to other lenses, it is to keep the front free from rain drops. So here’s the question; Can any of you that owns this lens and other lenses that may have a...
  18. Viggo

    Easiest way to view exif (date taken) on a mac?

    *EDIT* Looks like "Inspector" in "Preview" shows the correct date, can anyone confirm this, please? Hi! First off, I export everything from Lightroom, and keep them in separate folders, not using Lr for organizing for a lot of reasons. But I want to see when a picture was taken on a Mac...
  19. Viggo

    Find 5d mk2 shutter count

    Hi! In bit of a hurry, is there any way to check shuttercount of the 5d2 on a Mac? I’ve tried everything I found but everything just shows, “no info”. Thanks!
  20. Viggo

    I want a new nice firmware for the 1dx2, is that too much to ask?

    Hi! I haven't seen any info regarding firmware for the 1dx2. Canon have "always" had some nice, new and cool things, and I don't mean correcting a spelling error in the Magyar menu, for all the bodies I have owned. Some REALLY needed fixes, which I don't think the 1dx2 needs. But I would like...