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  1. SaP34US

    OT: 108 mp smartphone sensor 75 mp ff sensor

    How much be able to 12 x16 or 20x30 enlarge a similar image taken said smartphone vs said camera (all thing as equal as possible)? How long would take there great problems quality of one?
  2. SaP34US

    Is the RC ie R crop competition to Z 50 coming?

    I think that the crop sensor R should be about the size of the new Nikon and be $899 to $949 while possibly being $1050. Will Canon make crop R to compete with the Z ? Possible Specs 32 mp sensor RP viewfinder 30 or 60 fps burst rate for photos same auto focus system as the R & RP (with the...
  3. SaP34US


    What is the importance of having so many fps in stills being at least 6-7 but really at least 10 fps for action or wildlife? Since years ago but as recently as about 7 yrs ago you couldn't do any better a few at a time.
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    What think about the

    Will the M5 II be coming in late August along with the M500? Is the M500 going to be an update to the M100 or what?
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    Upcoming rumored cameras

    What do you the Crop sensor camera will be? Will Canon bring out a yet cheaper FF then the RP? RP cheaper verison 24 mp Autofocus like the RP Digic 8 processor 5fps No 4k 1080p 120fps Same wieght or size as the RP $799-$999
  6. SaP34US

    Are ff camera

    Did you the interview with a Fujiflim exec where he said that ff is only 1/3 of camera sales? I would say this partly because unlike in the '60s to the mid '00 there were all levels of 35mm cameras from point & shoots (they are dead now) to expensive professional 35mm cameras unlike now for the...
  7. SaP34US

    Two RF zoom lenses

    When in 2019 do you think the RF 70-200mm f2.8 L and 24-240mm f4-6.3 IS usm lenes will be released? How much do think the RF 24-240 will cost? Will Canon kit the 24-240 with the EOS RP?
  8. SaP34US

    The three colors of

    The 3 colors of the EG-E1 grips are black blue and red. Have we seen examples of all 3 colors? I have seen black and red versions.
  9. SaP34US

    EOS R Autofocus in video

    Is the auto focus really as bad as vs the Z 6 as it seems in FotoSun's YouTube video from a month ago? Michael Dontigney post in notes of a response video Tony Nothrup's lastest video about h ouw he hates giving cameras bad reviews.
  10. SaP34US

    When do you think EOS R

    When do you the two EOS R bodies will be released? I think one will be announced late Jan more likely Feb and in March while the other will be released in Q3. What specs do you they will have? Q1 realease 24 mp 2000 autofocus points Electronic stabilization 1080p 60fps maybe 120fps 4K 30fps...
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    Has anyone here seen a a6400 since its not in production yet? Does anyone now how it compares to M50 in tracking? All YouTube photographers/reviewers have raving about it. Some have said a6400 completely out classes the M50 in many areas. I still think that the M50 a great camera however I...
  12. SaP34US

    Camera predictions for 2019 and

    What cameras will be released and when? Happy New Year
  13. SaP34US

    Thoughts on the lower verison of the R

    1. Autofocus points 3,000-4,000 points 2. IBIS 3-5 axis stabilization (don't care) 3. 5 stops +/- of DR (don't care) 4. 26MP 5. 1600-1900 US$
  14. SaP34US

    Have you seen Thomas Heaton's lastest Youtube video?

    How many people who have used the would agree with Heaton's assessment of the camera?
  15. SaP34US

    EOS R for landscape

    Have any of you use the EOS R for landscape photography?
  16. SaP34US

    Video & Pros 4k

    Any pros on that do a lot video how much 4k do you do and how important to have uncropped?
  17. SaP34US

    M6 mark II and M5 mark II

    Will the M6 mark II have an in body EVF and not the just an attachable one? When the M6 mark II how different will it be form the M5 mark II?
  18. SaP34US

    Photo only camera

    Would any of you like a photo only DSLR or DSLM in 35mm for consumers or pros?
  19. SaP34US

    Weather Sealing

    Is the EOS R fully weather sealed? If not what makes the difference full weather sealing (like the 5D or Z6&7) and a camera that only partly or mostly weather sealed?
  20. SaP34US


    Currently Canon mirrorless(crop) cameras the measure M5 4.6x3.5x2.4 & M50 4.6x3.5x2.3. While I know neither of these fully or not even near pro level camera(s) resepectively with a 20% size increase the sizes are 5.52x4.2x2.76 for the M50 and 5.52x4.2x2.88 for the M5 so the slightly larger than...