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    Canon Speedlite 600EX II-RT $399 (Reg $579), is a new flagship Speedlite coming?

    Hey that's great about more types of AA but the person I was replying to wanted a power meter. The 14500 types still don't have a self monitoring and reporting mechanism. Like a regular AA, there is just positive and negative terminals. Look at the camera batteries like the LP-E6 or 17. The...
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    Canon Speedlite 600EX II-RT $399 (Reg $579), is a new flagship Speedlite coming?

    Going to a rechargeable only is a bad idea because then one loses the worldwide availability of AA batteries. The only happy way for a flash to use a Li would be if it was a module that fit where the AAs go so you have a choice. Actually I once had a Vivitar flash that came with such a...
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    Canon Speedlite 600EX II-RT $399 (Reg $579), is a new flagship Speedlite coming?

    Alas, this is unlikely. AA batteries have no self monitoring to report their level or type. Since a device using AA's has no way to know if alkalines, Ni-Cads, Ni-MH, Li have been installed, all with different draw down rates, it's really impossible to have a battery level indicator that can...
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    We’re number 3! Canon Places 3rd in IFI CLAIMS 2019 U.S. Patent Rankings

    Unless patents are used to make products directly or actively licensed out to someone else to make products, their end effect is not only being un-useful but actively harmful in preventing others from making the item in question :(
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    Patent: Large LCD equipped mirrorless camera

    OK I get your point about pairing wanting improvement but no, putting Android into a camera is a truly horrific idea. Android is only slightly less worse than iOS in terms of user control over the device. Ever try to install your own new version of Android on a smart phone after the manufacturer...
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    Preorder: Canon EOS-1D X Mark III with bonuses and a giveaway

    I thought the wireless problem was solved by putting the antenna in the OVF hump, why is the wireless transmitter still a separate part?
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    Patent: IBIS appears in EOS M and PowerShot cameras

    Great excuse to take more pictures. "If I don't go out with the camera the lens will dry up and I'll have to buy a new one"
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    Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays from Canon Rumors

    May your firmware updates never brick your device.
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    Announcement details on the 1DX Mark III

    Maybe a 70-300L II
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    Canon Store refurbished sale, EOS R Body $1214, EOS 5D Mark IV $1619 and more!

    The 470 AI flash is one of those things that looks like a super cool demo of tech projects at an electronics show but that it is an actual product is puzzling; anyone on this forum actually have one?
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    Nikon cutting way back on genuine parts for repairs in the USA

    In March of next year it looks like Nikon users will have to send their cameras in to one of only two repair centers if they want genuine parts: Ifixit article The most interesting line in the article is "Every shop owner we spoke with mentioned that Canon, while no longer offering warranty...
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    An unreleased Canon camera appears for certification.

    In the Central/South USA you might get into name copyright problems with a certain soda maker.
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    An EF & RF mount hybrid mirrorless camera in the works [CR2]

    I've been giving this idea of taking both mounts in the same camera some serious thought and I've come up with the answer. Put the RF mount directly in front of the sensor in the normal way. Then.... put the EF mount off to the right with a series of mirrors going over to the sensor!! If an EF...
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    Deal: Canon EOS 6D Mark II w/Canon BG-21 Grip, SD Card and more $1199

    "Green Extreme" batteries and chargers are bashed pretty hard in the Amazon reviews. Of course, now it's hard to tell when its a competitor putting in the bad reviews.
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    Canon releases new security firmware updates for more cameras

    OK, except macOS, Windows, Linux, ChromeOS, Android, etc, etc, can all unzip zips, view PDFs, and copy firmware files to sd cards.
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    Canon releases new security firmware updates for more cameras

    Yes, every newer model is pending but the people who run the website and the people who program the new camera firmware versions don't seem to talk to each other much.
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    Canon releases new security firmware updates for more cameras

    How bizarre that the firmware download selector insists you pick a PC operating system to download camera firmware. Dear Canon, the firmware on the camera is independent of the user's computer. Perhaps you were thinking of some utility software for PC vs using the camera's built in ability?
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    Need a pancake? Save big on Canon’s stubby lenses

    The 40 on a 6D is extremely small and unobtrusive. Use #1: when walking around an interesting marketplace, etc, the smaller the glass eye peering at them the less people doing their thing will stop and stare back or otherwise go into 'someone is taking my picture' mode. Use #2, when taking full...
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    Canon Patent: Hybrid Speedlite with active cooling

    I once had a rechargeable battery shaped just like the four AA that go in a flash. It came with a Vivitar once upon a time. Alas it was NiMH and stopped holding a charge and went to recycling long ago. I can't seem to find any modern version :(
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    Canon Patent: Hybrid Speedlite with active cooling

    Well, the thing about AA batteries is that no matter where you travel someone will sell you a pack. Heck, there are uncontacted tribes in the Amazon with AA's in the village shop.