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    New R bodies.

    Could the Sports R be released in spring withthe X sensor they're using in the RII that a modified sensor for 1d mIII.
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    The RF 70-200 f2.8 L IS

    The camera don't have the right firmware to completely communicate with lens yet.
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    OT: 108 mp smartphone sensor 75 mp ff sensor

    How much be able to 12 x16 or 20x30 enlarge a similar image taken said smartphone vs said camera (all thing as equal as possible)? How long would take there great problems quality of one?
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    Interview: DPReview speaks to the “father of the EOS-1”

    That doesn't make since to me when it less expensive then the Sony.
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    Is the RC ie R crop competition to Z 50 coming?

    Where does the Z50 come in the Nikon lineup and what camera would compare to in the Canon lineup?
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    Is the RC ie R crop competition to Z 50 coming?

    I think that the crop sensor R should be about the size of the new Nikon and be $899 to $949 while possibly being $1050. Will Canon make crop R to compete with the Z ? Possible Specs 32 mp sensor RP viewfinder 30 or 60 fps burst rate for photos same auto focus system as the R & RP (with the...
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    An APS-C sensor equipped EOS R camera mentioned again [CR1]

    If they do eventually make crop RF camera it probably won't be until at least 2021. Since they have to bring the pro Rx cameras and maybe another RP.
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    Canon issues a security advisory for PTP equipped EOS DSLRs, EOS mirrorless and PowerShot cameras

    What cameras does it effect? Is currently a firmware update combat the problem can be downloaded to cameras?
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    A new EOS Rebel is coming this month, possibly an EOS Rebel T8i or entry level EOS M camera[CR1]

    Isn't the M50 also a KISS on Japan? Couldn't the "Joey" be either one of these three an upgrade to M100, an upgrade to M50, or a new Mirrorless aps-c camera?
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    Canon RP Thread

    I am hoping to buy a RP between November or December if Holiday discounts are good enough or more like about this time next year. Right now for the holiday sales $500 rebate on lenses if they were have a 2 lens kit with 35mm and 24-240mm with both the ef-rf adapter and the grip extender. If with...
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    Rest well Canon EOS 7D series [CR2]

    Maybe so.
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    Is a dedicated astrophotography EOS R coming in 2019? [CR1]

    Will this camera use a Digic 9 processor if the upcoming 90D ?
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    Canon’s roadmap for 2019, included an EOS R camera that no one is expecting? [CR2]

    Two questions Is the 4k video pixel binned or not? What is 3ps does mean 3FPS?
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    Canon’s roadmap for 2019, included an EOS R camera that no one is expecting? [CR2]

    Maybe it's a Mirorless FF with no video features with huge fps for photos to be kitted with both the 35mm 1.8 and the to be released 24-24mm 4.0-6.3 for 2400/w extintion grip or body only w/extintion grip for 1500.
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    Interesting what's happened since I got an RP.....

    Quirkz, how many photos were able to take on a full charge on the trip?
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    It certainly is.
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    What did people do when there cameras only shot 1-3 fps or in flim days when you didn't have more then 1fps? Photographers shot sports then, too and got some great photos.
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    What is the importance of having so many fps in stills being at least 6-7 but really at least 10 fps for action or wildlife? Since years ago but as recently as about 7 yrs ago you couldn't do any better a few at a time.
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    What think about the

    Will the M5 II be coming in late August along with the M500? Is the M500 going to be an update to the M100 or what?