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    C-4 Precision Optics is born...

    Check this link: Exciting news for mirrorless shooters ;D ;D ;D... Best April 1st post I've found today!
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    DRones vs. anti-DRones: how to resolve the controversy

    Rejoyce! I've got the answer! I suggest all the contenders come to Italy and debate the DR contention this way... English filmmaker Jonathan Glazer directed this ad for Canon Come and See. See more about Calcio storico Fiorentino:
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    DP Review: no news? (at this post time)

    May 23: 4 news. May 24: 3 news. May 25: 2 news. May 27: only 1. Today: no news? (at this post time) I've noticed in the past, when news languish on DP Review (maybe) it's because the Staff is working hard on something really exciting. Do you folks ever had the same sensation or is it just me...