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    Patent: Eye-controlled autofocus for mirrorless cameras

    I had a couple of EOS 50e's and the eye -focus was great. I don't understand why Canon stopped it. With a DLSR or mirrorless it would need a button to activate it to prevent unwanted activity whilst scanning the frame.
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    A couple of EOS R cameras that can be considered “pro” are in the pipeline [CR1]

    If I were so anxious to have 4k I'd buy a dedicated 4k video camera.
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    Adobe testing a new price point for the Creative Cloud Photography Plan

    Sounds like Adobe is getting greedy. I'm using both Lightroom /Photoshop and Capture One. I much prefer Capture One, & use Photoshop for things C1 cannot do (yet), but if Adobe hikes the price I'm dumping Lightroom /Photoshop!
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    Preorder: Canon EOS RP camera and kits

    I just love it, but here's a big BUT! As a design engineer I keep the key elements of a new product in focus at all times. One of those key elements in the newish mirrorless cameras is that because of the lack of a prism you have to rely upon the rear LED screen or the electronic view finder for...