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  1. Chaitanya

    JPEG vs HEIF feat Canon 1Dx Mark III

  2. Chaitanya

    Canon RF 70-200mm review by Fro.

  3. Chaitanya

    LensRental teardown of RF 70-200mm
  4. Chaitanya

    Mitakon Creator 85mm Macro

    Mitakon released a new 1-5x macro.
  5. Chaitanya

    Canon RF 70-200mm F2.8 video overview

  6. Chaitanya

    Lenstip review of Canon Ef 70-200mm f4L IS II
  7. Chaitanya

    ePhotozine review of EOS 90D
  8. Chaitanya

    Canon EOS 90D review by Dpreview
  9. Chaitanya

    Venus-Laowa 100mm Macro review by Lenstip.

    Lenstip posted their review of Venus 100mm Macro lens.
  10. Chaitanya

    Discontinued Sigma Lenses

    Just noticed listings for Sigma 180mm and 150mm OS Macro have vanished from B&H Photo, are those 2 lenses discontinued by Sigma? Wondering if we will get replacements for those or not.
  11. Chaitanya

    Nitecore Cine Lenses

    Nitecore a flashlight manufacturer announced couple of Cine lenses. Here is the link to PR and image of specifications of those lenses:
  12. Chaitanya

    ProGrade digital Refresh Pro software

    Prograde Digital announced a new software to monitor their memory cards.
  13. Chaitanya

    Canon gear in use for Blue Planet series

    Found this video from making of Blue Planet showing Canon gear in use.
  14. Chaitanya

    Canon RF 85mm f1.2 review by Fro

  15. Chaitanya

    Canon RF 35mm IS STM Macro review by Dpreview
  16. Chaitanya

    Phison developes SD Express controller.

    Phison has developed a new controller for SD 7.0/7.1 aka SD Express SD and Micro SD Cards.
  17. Chaitanya

    Formula 1 video about track side photographers

    F1 just posted a small video about the track side photographers:
  18. Chaitanya

    Venua Laowa 100mm macro review by Opticallimits
  19. Chaitanya

    Sigma 70-200mm S review by Lenstip