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    Kill Basti V2.0 Online

    Dear Friends of Canon Gear, I like to show you a movie, that was not filmed completley with a DSLR, but half with a Canon HV20 (HDV Camcorder) and half with a Canon EOS 5D MK II. So I think it matches. It's a short (7 min.) and cheap made (100€) amateur movie. The central motivation is REVENGE...
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    Time Reloaded - 5D2

    Hi there, inspired by the Still Photo Series Time is a Dimension by Fong Qi Wei I created a Film that travels through the Time, Light and Night. It was shot with a 5D Mark II. Enjoy: Time Reloaded on Vimeo (click on the link below the video when embedding has an error) Thank you, - Frankie