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  1. Aussie shooter

    It’s been a while, but an APS-C equipped EOS R body gets another mention [CR2]

    I would say if canon are not going to produce RFs lenses then it is safe to say the M line is safe and will continue to be produced. They NEED to continue with a line of small cameras as well as a lone of bigger more serious cameras focused on IQ.
  2. Aussie shooter

    Canon will release four new full-frame cameras in 2020 [CR2]

    OR......…...………… You can buy a mirrorless body and continue to use your EF lenses on it(with increased functionality and performance) until you are ready to buy into the RF lens lineup. Canon has given you (as they once said) a very elegant solution as far as transitioning goes.
  3. Aussie shooter

    Reptiles and Amphibians

    Going through and doing some re-edits of my travel photos to improve them with the benefit of hindsight. Here is a portrait of a sunbaking Marine iguana tryong to warm up after a swim in the cool waters
  4. Aussie shooter

    Will dSLR's be sustained only by nostalgia?

    You are possibly correct. What i can see is that they may just keep a 'wildlife' camera available in dslrs and basically just swap the rest over to mirrorless
  5. Aussie shooter

    Will dSLR's be sustained only by nostalgia?

    I agree that there are still big issues to overcome but there are a couple of reasons i think almost all users will make the switch. Firstly. The technology will go close to overcoming the issues like eye strain and shutter lag. Secondly. I think they will eventually release apsc cameras with RF...
  6. Aussie shooter

    Will dSLR's be sustained only by nostalgia?

    The thing is that is such a logical path that it didnt really need to be stated anyway. The EF lineup is so comprehensive as to basically mean there is no room for improvement. If you cant find what you want in the EF line then you really are just hard to please. There is no reason for canon to...
  7. Aussie shooter

    AF fail on RF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS...Because of firmware update?

    Did you actually suffer the initial focusing problem that prompted the new firmware in the first place? Or did you just do the update because there was a problem reported with the lenses?
  8. Aussie shooter

    Will dSLR's be sustained only by nostalgia?

    That list pretty mich hits the nail on the head. Tbh though battery life is fast becoming a minor issue as technology improves but the eye strain and the lag(as minor as it may seem to some) may never be fixed unless there is some new technology coming that we dont know about.
  9. Aussie shooter

    Will dSLR's be sustained only by nostalgia?

    Obviously you failed to read the rest of my post just after the bit you quoted.
  10. Aussie shooter

    Will dSLR's be sustained only by nostalgia?

    That means you assume that an EVF can be made to work at the speed of light. Fact is there will ALWAYS be lag. it is a matter of whether that lag can be reduced enough for serious wildlife photographers. Clearly you are not a serious wildlife photographer so you probably have little...
  11. Aussie shooter

    Will dSLR's be sustained only by nostalgia?

    It all depends on whether or not they can eliminate noticeable lag and eye strain in the EVF. If they can. Then DSLR will not even be sustained by nostalgia. if they can not then there will always remain a small niche group(predominantly wildlife photographers) who stick with DSLR's for...
  12. Aussie shooter

    Two new EOS R bodies coming in the first half of 2020 [CR3]

    Not just you. The grip IS a crime against humanity. But they are even addressing that so cudos to them. As for the 'spec war'. They will probably have to offer the specs. Even if they are half assed but I hope they don't go down that path and just keep offering good quality, reliable and...
  13. Aussie shooter

    Show your Bird Portraits

    Beautiful light on the Kingfisher
  14. Aussie shooter

    Sports R: Why not now?

    Maybe it is to make sure they recoup the costs of the 1dx3 development. Even if they just ensure a break even point is reached before releasing a mirrorless version. As you said. They clearly have the tech now which is better than displayed in the a92. But it doesn't benefit anyone for canon to...
  15. Aussie shooter

    What's your deal-breaker for the EOS Rs*

    Just wait for the rmk2 and dont get the hi res model.
  16. Aussie shooter

    Eos 7d mii and heat

    Spent 3 years in the tropics with mine and never an issue although i do seem to be having an issue now that i have moved to a colder locale. Only really happening with one lens however but i haven't figured out why yet
  17. Aussie shooter

    Show your Bird Portraits

    Looks rather trippy that way.
  18. Aussie shooter

    EOS R related announcements coming for CP+ [CR2]

    Yep. I think i misunderstood initially and thought that particular aspect was only for the off sensor focusing. It is definitely a great addition to regular face and eye detect. Canon really do seem like they may have hit the ball out of the park on this one
  19. Aussie shooter

    EOS R related announcements coming for CP+ [CR2]

    I was referring more to the fact it is designed for a specialized focusing sensor rather than an on sensor focusing system as you would find in a mirrorless camera. So it simply wont be in a mirrorless because they dont have the same system. The concept on the other hand. Absolutely
  20. Aussie shooter

    Show your Bird Portraits

    Just going through and re editing some old images. Found this one that i always like a bit but just never found the right way to present it. Untill now. This is why you never throw away images. Giant petrel on the Antarctic peninsula