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  1. Dylan777

    Vintage & Classic & Aged Object

    I'll go first... :)
  2. Dylan777

    Your own definition of fast prime

    Describe in Your own definition of fast prime lenses. How and when do you use it. Share a photo or two to show your points :)
  3. Dylan777

    What is more important to you?

    What is more important to you? 1. Larger & Heavier FF gear that give higher quality photos OR 2. Smaller & lighter crop(1" etc...) gear that you enjoy carry and capture those special moments. I'm 65% on #2 at this time in my life.
  4. Dylan777

    Your uncomfortable photography, WHY?

    What type of photography that make you feel uncomfortable with? Why? As a friend requested, I was a primary photographer in her family funeral. It was harder than I thought - not IQ or AF - it's more capturing those moments through viewfinder and editing the photos.
  5. Dylan777

    Canon medium format...

    Hi guys, Just for fun ;) Let's say tomorrow Canon releases medium format in DSLR and mirrorless, would you: 1. Jump on it and sell your current FF or crop gear 2. Add to your current FF or crop gear Big questions: why? or Why not? Look forward to hear your feedbacks. Dylan
  6. Dylan777

    Upgrade: 1Dx to mark II

    Hi gent's, What are your top 2 reasons you upgraded or plan to upgrade in near future from mrk1 to II? How is high ISO compared to mrk I? Best, Dylan
  7. Dylan777

    Sony FE 70-200 f2.8 GM OSS - test shots

    Received my 70200GM yesterday. Photos don't seem to be "tack sharp" as Canon 70200f2.8 IS II in AF-C(Ai servo in Canon). Tracking moving subject(side to side, back to front) very well. I'm not sure if I got a bad copy or my firmware is out of date. I can see mirrorless outdoor sports shooters...
  8. Dylan777

    Kelvin Temp System: do you use it? Why?

    Hi guys, I have been shooting with AWB for years. I recently pushing myself manually adjusting Kelvin Temp in white balance. It does add another steps, however, I really like the results I'm getting :) Do you use it? why? Best, Dylan
  9. Dylan777

    5dsr + 200mmf2

    Gents, Those who shoot/own/hand-on with this combo, I would appreciate if you can share your thoughts - af accuracy at f2, iq etc...don't mind seeing some photos either :) Can exposure comp. be adjusted in M mode? Thanks in advance
  10. Dylan777

    New member in our family

    After having 2 girls, 8 & 5yrs, my wife and I thought we done with kids.....guess not. We just welcome new member to our family :) Would like to share some photos with the world. It's a great time to have a camera around...
  11. Dylan777

    Sony FE 70-200 f2.8 GM - Crazzy price tag, what your thoughts?

    SAR posted the up coming FE 70-200GM might be in $3500 USD. For those shooting with Sony a7 series, what do you think about the price tag? I personally feel it's HIGH for 70-200f2.8 lens.
  12. Dylan777

    Sony FE 85mm f1.4 Gmaster test shots

    Got my GM lenses yesterday. Just want to share few test shots around the house. These were shot with A7r II + 85mm GM, wide open @ f1.4, AF-C mode(same as Ai Servo in Canon 1dx mode). It reminds me my all time favorite Canon 85mm...
  13. Dylan777

    CR is on the way to see Sony new toy

    Edited to Remove Fake Article
  14. Dylan777

    OVF&EVF Vs BackScreen - which better for you?

    Just want to see what methods do you prefer when framing your photos. Do you prefer to frame your photos through OVF/EVF or back screen. Why? I came from P&S, therefore, framing the shots through back screen is better for me. I recently look through my photos. Most of mirrorless photos seem to...
  15. Dylan777

    Canon EOS M10 for men or women?
  16. Dylan777

    Zeiss Batis FE 85mm and 25mm

    I received emails from CR members asked to share some photos from Batis lenses. My 2cents. I would highly recommend the Batis lenses to all a7 shooters - worth every penny. Look forward to see their 135mm or even 200mm f2. These were shot with A7s + 85mm @ f1.8
  17. Dylan777

    Sony A7r II - Like and Dislike features

    Share your like and dislike features from A7r II Dislike: 1. shutter and aperture dial feel cheap and small. Hard to turn 2. EVF not as good as A7s - especially shooting in low light. Has smearing look. 3. Don't see much benefits with back-illuminated Exmor R full-frame CMOS sensor with high...
  18. Dylan777

    Compressed Vs Uncompressed RAW

    Hi guys, What are the pros and cons between compressed and uncompressed RAW? At what point these two become good and bad for photography? As an owner of Sony mirrorless and Canon DSLR, I can’t see the difference(s) between the two in PP through LR. What I do see is Raw file from Sony is...
  19. Dylan777

    Kinda funny