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  1. Rienzphotoz

    Marketing Fail? Forced to wear Sony vests at FIFA WC but shoot with Canon Gear

    As posted at Sony is one of the big sponsor at the Football World Cup in Brazil. Even though photographers are “forced” to wear Sony 4K advertising vests, as you can see from the 360...
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    Photo Snob's Camera Gear Care Guide

    This just for a bit of laughs ... if you don't like it, either ignore it or abuse Kai ;D How to Take Care of Your Gear (the Photo Snob Way)
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    Sony A77II

    Interesting video on Sony's new "Lock-on AF: Expand Flexible Spot" Sony a77 Mark II 12fps And Lock-On Autofocus
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    Premium Digital Camera Market Increasing

    Interesting info at: Photokina agency debunks some myths: Premium Digital Camera Msrket is increasing. The last couple of years we heard a lot about the...
  5. Rienzphotoz

    How to look like a Professional Photographer

    This is just for a bit of fun ... so, don't take this too seriously ... at 3.03 mins, you will get to know about a unique park in Hongkong ;D How to look like a Pro Tog
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    COOL premium keyboard for iPad

    Brydge iPad external keyboard review
  7. Rienzphotoz

    5D MK III vs Samsung Galaxy Note 3 To read the original article, click the link below
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    For a bit of fun - Selfies by Kai

    Don't over think it ... this is just for a bit of fun 5 Things to Avoid When Taking Selfies
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    New Curved Sensor Tech by Sony

    Sonyalpharumors reports the following interesting info: If you follow SAR closely you will remember I posted two great Sony patents: One about a Curved Sony...
  10. Rienzphotoz

    How to Annoy a Photography Snob

    Thought some of you might like it ... I like No.10 How to Annoy a Photography Snob - Top 10!
  11. Rienzphotoz

    LIFX wifi enabled, multi-color LED light bulb

    I came across these LIFX light bulbs and wondered if any CR members have tried it for photogrpahy ... from what I saw in the youtube videos (posted below), I can think of many creative possibilities for photography ... did any of you use it? and if yes what is your opinion?
  12. Rienzphotoz

    Sony Medium Format Camera

    According to Sonyalpharumors, Sony may announce a Medium Format camera ... that' interesting ... they are also running a vote if one would buy a Sony Medium Format Camera if it came with a fixed lens (like Sony RX1) for $5000 ... I voted No, but would you buy a $5000 RX camera with fixed lens...
  13. Rienzphotoz

    Share your inexpensive accessories that made your gear productive or look cool

    Thought of starting this thread to talk about inexpensive non-electronic replacement accessories (as opposed to the expensive OEM accessories e.g. tripod collars, lens hoods, lens caps etc etc etc) that make our camera gear a bit more productive or just look cool. I thought of this as I just...
  14. Rienzphotoz

    New Full Frame E-mount cameras to be launched within the next 5-6 months

    Sonalpharumors reports the following rumor with a SR5 rating (i.e. "almost certainly correct!") (SR5) New Full Frame E-mount cameras to be launched within the next 5-6 months (likely at Photokina). I can confirm via multiple trusted sources that Sony will launch new Full Frame E-mount cameras...
  15. Rienzphotoz

    Nikon vs Sigma VR patent infringement case

    Over at Nikonrumors they posted this: The Tokyo district court ordered Sigma to pay 1.5 billion JPY (around 14.5 million dollars) compensation to Nikon as a result of the patent infringement case for lenses with VR technology that was filed back in 2011. The lawsuit was based on six Sigma...
  16. Rienzphotoz

    Cool example of why gear doesn't matter

    This is a nice video of making images with a really cheap camera and post processing those images in a smartphone ... its a nice example of why gear doesn't matter ... but it does not help my GAS problem, coz I still want better cameras and lenses ;D Pro Tog, Cheap Camera Challenge (Benjamin Von...
  17. Rienzphotoz

    Corrupted Images in Lightroom 5.3

    When I import images to Lightroom 5.3 (using "Add photos to catalog without moving them") some of my images are showing up with a weird color banding kinda thing at the bottom of the image (it only happens at the bottom of the image ... below is one for your reference ... you can also see a few...
  18. Rienzphotoz

    Moon and Saturn Convergence Captured with Magic Lantern

    Just got this email with this article posted By planetMitch (on Planet 5D) Is Magic Lantern changing the world? Yes! Here’s another example of a use for Magic Lantern RAW video that just...
  19. Rienzphotoz

    Nikon and Quality Control issues again

    Over at nikonrumors, and a few other forums, report problems with water leakage in Nikon 1 AW 1 (underwater mirrorless camera), which was launched on September 19, 2013. According to one of the customers, digitalrev has cancelled his order of Nikon 1 AW 1 saying that the 1AW1 has been...
  20. Rienzphotoz

    Lens & accessory options for Sony FE mount cameras a7 & a7R

    Thought of starting this thread, so we can share info on any new lenses coming up for the Sony FE mount (a7 & a7R). Here is the latest chart that was released yesterday (18 Feb 2014) or the day before yesterday (17 Feb 2014)