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    Hejnar Photo is having a Memorial Day Sale: 20% OFF!

    Hejnar Photo is offering 20% off on all products for Memorial Day. This is a fantastic offer, as sales here are rare and his prices are usually lower than competitors. I own a number of clamps, rails, and such from Hejnar, and love the quality of his CNC precision machining. So if you want...
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    Canon Lens Milestones in Annual Production Terms

    Attached is a graph which permits some comparison with CIPA numbers, though the dates aren't aligned that way. The graph uses Canon's announced EF lens production milestones to estimate lens shipments per year over the intervening time interval, but those are aligned to announcements instead of...
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    Time for Ricoh to eject their camera business?

    Latest word on Ricoh: For Ricoh, it's a sink-or-swim moment. Rumors that Ricoh would shutter the consumer camera business were denied earlier this spring. However, new CEO Yamashita* is signalling a break with the past is imminent. I don't believe Ricoh is well-suited as a company to compete...
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    Zomei Aluminium Metal Square Filter Holder for Cokin P

    Hi all, Bought this product recently from an Ebay seller and thought I would share my impressions. The version I purchased included a 77mm adapter ring. I keep my lenses at the 82mm filter size or less generally, and have used the plastic Cokin P holders for many years to keep my hands free...
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    Deal: Canon 35mm f/1.4 II refurbished now less than $1300

    Canon marked refurbished gear down again yesterday. Maybe for Chinese New Year? The 35mm f/1.4 II is listed as in stock. I doubt we will see a lower price on this new lens than the $1295.28 listed here, at least for the foreseeable future. Supplies are probably limited so grab one quick if...
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    TS-E lineup: What upgrades would you like?

    I've been thinking about the 45mm TS-E lens and why I won't buy it, but realized there were several TS-E upgrades that in general I would like. Specifically: i) Sharpness into the corners. The 45mm is a good example of this, can't sharpen across the frame even when stopped down a long way. I...
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    Christmas 2016: Your favorite $50 or less photo gift ideas

    All I want for Christmas is my two great whites. ;) However, at $9k+ each, a more realistic price range is under $50. So I need to fill out my wish lists, as many of you do too. What are some of the best gear pieces you have in this price range? Please share! Scott
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    IR and DPP 4: whence cometh the unseemly tiny dots?

    I was practicing IR photography with a Singh-Ray I-Ray filter on a Canon 300mm f/4 IS and 5D Mark III body. Exposures were typically around ten minutes owing to an incoming storm, apertures f/5.6 - 7.1. On processing images tonight, I see that the IR photos have a consistent pattern of white...
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    Kirk G1 Gimbal Head

    Has anyone on here tried the Kirk G1 Gimbal Head? It has been listed off and on at B&H. Not sure if any went to market or if there are manufacturing delays (for three months!). Would like to hear from someone who has tried this and a different gimbal and can share a comparison.
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    c't Digital Photography: A personal review

    I had the good fortune of getting a couple copies of an uncommon (and relatively young) quarterly magazine for photographers. After looking the issues over, I thought some folks here might like to know a bit about the magazine. I expect other readers would have very different opinions about...
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    Batch process to fix missing EXIF data?

    Hi, I'm fiddling with a new pinhole cap lens. The obsessive-compulsive part of me wants to batch fix the EXIF data to show "Pinhole" under the lens information, and add in the correct approximate aperture and extension tube info too. I have or have access to the usual Canon software...
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    What about those lens weights?

    Are you doing curls with your lenses lately? Is your photo pack dragging you down hills? Or is all the fuss about the weight of today's lenses just for wusses? After a discussion of gear weight elsewhere, I saw Bryan's review of the Sigma Art where he cleverly provided the build data for many...
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    A speculative thought on Canon test bodies

    Some rumors have indicated that Canon bodies in test eat batteries, which got me to thinking... Suppose the new bodies are testing a triple-sensor design. That is, light is pushed through a trichromic prism to three CMOS sensors, one each for RGB. It is essentially a very old idea, but...
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    Speculation: Year of the Lens

    Lots of lenses on sale at B&H. Perhaps the rumors of new lenses are true, and we're in for a surprise or two this year as Canon and Nikon respond to the surge of quality third party designs. So what strategy does everyone thing Canon would employ, and which would you prefer: a) mark ii...
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    Moving sensor: an attractive option?

    Suppose Canon executes a technology exchange with Hasselblad for this technology: Would you be interesting in having this as an option on your camera body, despite the long exposure times? What cost limit would you put for adding in this...
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    The Sigma SLR Strategy?

    Many company moves make sense to me, but I still haven't figured out why Sigma is still producing their Foveon-based SLR bodies, or for that matter any SLR bodies of their own. Do they believe they will eventually win substantial market share in SLR bodies with so many stronger players? Do...
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    An Era of Mergers?

    Thought it would be fun to start a thread about the possibility that we are entering an era of mergers and corporate closings in 35mm/compact photography companies. Business analysts frequently say there are too many players in these markets and a shakeout is inevitable, but it has not really...