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  1. kubelik

    Canon, King in SLR Cameras, Makes Inroads Into Mirrorless

    I would be very happy to purchase the M50 except for the dearth of EF-M glass. everything starting at f/4 or f/3.5 and being variable aperture really doesn't cut it. yes, I know there's a single "fast" prime ... which is really a 35 f/2.8 equivalent so not that fast either. would be interested...
  2. kubelik

    There's More to a Camera System Than Just the Gear

    when my brother-in-law decided to get into photography as a hobby, we had a long discussion of whether or not he should go Sony or Canon. as a computer science guy, he was initially enamored of Sony as a company really pushing the technical envelope. browsing some forums, he deduced that Canon...
  3. kubelik

    Does Moore's law apply to digital photography?

    Johan, unless you were being tongue-in-cheek, you're very much mistaken in calling it "the holy Moore's law." Moore was simply basing it on observational data and very clear that it was speculative when used to project into the future. Moore's law has only ever been an intellectual curiosity...
  4. kubelik

    Slight "clunk" when moving 11-22mm after dropping

    ryan, sorry to hear about your 11-22mm. I had a 5D Mk II fall out of an improperly zipped bag once (totally my own fault, shouldn't have packed stuff in the dark); fell like 3 feet onto asphalt and caught the attached 16-35mm f/2.8 L at an angle. was making serious clunking noises and the barrel...
  5. kubelik

    Sigma Announces Two New Mirrorless Cameras: Sigma sd Quattro and sd Quattro H

    what's interesting is that a few years back, after the 1D Mark IV was discontinued, there were a bunch of scattered rumors about APS-H not entirely disappearing, and also Canon working with Sigma on Foveon-type sensors. don't think this is the result that people were envisioning back then, but...
  6. kubelik

    Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II Available for Preorder

    Just FYI, I think that's one of the things that got fixed with the Mark II. screen tilts up and down now.
  7. kubelik

    Prosumer Level Canon Mirrorless Camera to Have 4K [CR2]

    yeah, they hype about 4K is ... well, mostly hype. I'm not a saying it doesn't have a place, or that it doesn't have a future. clearly, it does. but I'll weigh in as a typical consumer (DSLR-toting hobbyist photographer who mostly shoots video for family events/to record the kids growing up)...
  8. kubelik

    Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II Available for Preorder

    it's fine in almost any jacket pocket. definitely not pants pockets (I'm a 6'1" guy and wear loose jeans, you still cannot put the G7 into the front pockets, mainly because of the lens protrusion). but very easily portable nonetheless. jacket, vest, purse, little side pockets on a backpack...
  9. kubelik

    The Next DSLR from Canon Will Be...

    yeah, I like CRguy a ton but today's post certainly seems to be a little ... overconfident, perhaps? in addition to your points, I'd also add that I disagree with the assumption that it must be the 6D Mk II that gets announced in September, and that nothing gets announced late summer. From what...
  10. kubelik

    Announcing The Canon EOS-1D X Mark II

    waiting for the 5D Mk IV specs but I have to say, I really like what got announced today. If I had $6K to spend on a camera I'd be really happy purchasing the 1DX Mk II based on what was announced today. wider spread of AF points, all f/8, permanent red-dot AF, DPAF, touchscreen AF in liveview...
  11. kubelik

    Canon Working on Full Frame Fixed Lens Camera? [CR1]

    it'd be really nice if it came with a 35-50mm f/2 or a 24-35mm f/2 lens. if I had the disposable income, I'd buy something like that. but the reality is, as a casual shooter, I'd still rather save up for the eventual 5D Mk IV and replace my 5D Mk III with that. it's tough to put a lot of money...
  12. kubelik

    EOS-1D X Mark II Claims of 15 Stops of DR [CR3]

    he's just trolling. everyone else is here having a pretty enlightening discussion on how it's unlikely that Canon has actually packed in 15 stops of DR, how it could be claimed through marketing nonsense/obfuscation, or how it could actually happen if Canon used the right technology and gave us...
  13. kubelik

    Patent: Canon EF 200-600mm f/4.5-5.6 IS

    given how large people are pointing out a 600m f/5.6 front element would be, and Canon's propensity for filing a whole bunch of patent variants for new lenses, perhaps this is just the opening salvo of a bunch of patents that will eventually reveal what the future lens is. I'd still like a...
  14. kubelik

    Patent: Canon EF 200-600mm f/4.5-5.6 IS

    yessss! this is pretty similar to the 500 f/5.6 I've been hoping for all this time. I'm guessing this would come in ~$2.5K, given that the 100-400 II is going for $2.2K ... as much as I'd like to have it for sub-$2K, I doubt that'll happen. still, would spend the money knowing that my upgrade...
  15. kubelik

    Canon EF 600mm DO BR prototype at EXPO 2015

    I think you've nailed that on the head. they always do DO and non-DO side by side to show the size and weight savings
  16. kubelik

    Canon EF 600mm DO BR prototype at EXPO 2015

    I'll throw out a wild guess - it's probably just a big thick container that is easy to manufacture/modify while they test the actual inner workings of the lens
  17. kubelik

    First Review of New Tamron Prime Lenses

    Studentoflight, thanks for that info! I feel silly now, honestly never thought to check by just looking at the focus distance window... but will do so in the future ;D
  18. kubelik

    Canon Develops Material Appearance Image-Processing Technology

    I'm sure this is pretty cool technology, but the press release makes it sound like an April Fools Day joke ... what sort of printer are they using that it can alter the reflectivity, gloss, and plasticity of each dot on the printed surface? how do you need to light the surface being photographed...
  19. kubelik

    List of rumored lenses

    Re: Canon 800mm F5.6 MKII falcnr, this what you're looking for?
  20. kubelik

    A New 85L is on the Way [CR2]

    yeah, which is why Canon should make it a 500mm f/5.6 IS instead. come on, you gotta admit, a reasonably-priced 500 f/5.6 IS ... you'd get one ;) back on topic... if my choices were a slow-focusing, heavy 85mm f/1.2 versus a quicker-focusing, lighter 85mm f/1.4 ... I'd get the f/1.4, for sure...