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    Canon posts significant increase in sales and profit for Q3 2017

    Canon today posted their 3rd quarter results, and the numbers are pretty good. It is Canon's 3rd consecutive quarter of YoY sales and profit growth starting from Q1, first time in 7 years. Canon showed sales growth overall gaining 27% from 3rd quarter 2016, and Op Profit gaining 101% since...
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    Canon posts 40% profit gain, and 70% increase in mirrorless

    Canon 2Q financials are out. no great surprises. 2Q was down 5% in unit sales from 2017 2Q, however total units sold is around the same as last year the big surprise was mirrorless growing 70% for the first half of 2017 I truely expect to see canon...
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    Okay so what about the M10 Mark II?

    the certification registration ALSO had a Mirrorless. Something that isn't talked about much. PC2276 Mirror-less camera made in Japan SKU: 2209C002AA, 2209C012AA, 2209C022AA, 2209C032AA, 2210C002AA, 2210C012AA, 2210C022AA, 2210C032AA, 2211C002AA, 2211C012AA, 2211C022AA, 2211C032AA Body color 3...
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    Some new canon patents..

    Here's a bunch of US patents for your reading enjoyment. This one I found interesting, this is a stacked sensor patent. Seems canon is marching ahead to it's own drum and working on this as well: another stacked sensor patent...
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    EOS-M6 pictures

    Enjoy! It looks really nice .. I'm liking the black / silver combination. and most definately a M3 replacement.
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    Canon shows +8% increase in ILC unit sales 3Q 2016

    I quote: As for interchangeable-lens cameras, in the third quarter, sales increased 8% to 1.37 million units thanks to mirrorless models and new DSLRs Canon, through the launch of new products, has been working to stimulate latent...
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    Canon controls nearly 50% of the market.

    Interesting, is that canon now holds nearly a 50% of the overall marketshare. Canon's fiscal year ends on the calendar year, so this is relatively easy to do from CIPA numbers and canon's reports. Canon for the first two quarters has shipped/sold 2.52 million ILC's...
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    was there originally another EOS-M3?

    let's stir up some conspiracy theories.. I forgot all about this and was thinking about it when the USA announcement happened. the original pictures of the EOS-M3 showed a slightly different camera than what was released. did they downgrade the M3? was there another version? did they decide it...