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  1. Shane1.4

    Canon RF 50mm F1.2L USM

    Picked up the RF 50mm 1.2 yesterday. Here are just a few photos I took. Unfortunately it has been raining here. The lens retains all of the beautiful swirl bokeh of the EF 50 1.2 but adds sharpness like I have never seen on any other lens. And without the mirror box, the circles are not clipped...
  2. Shane1.4

    85 1.2 Clipped Bokeh

    I just bought an 85 1.2. Can anyone explain to me why the bokeh is clipped off on sides of the discs? My 135L doesn't do that. From what I have read online it sounds like it is related to the mirror box. But then why don't my other lenses do that? Not sure I like the shape of the bokeh...