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    Two new EOS M cameras rumoured to be coming in 2020 [CR1]

    Well, I'm glad that the Sigma lens is working for you, as is the M6 II. And I confess to having not handled the Sigmas. What I don't see is how the advent of 3 Sigma primes signals anything about how Canon is taking EF-M lens development any more seriously. The element profiles of the Sigma...
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    Two new EOS M cameras rumoured to be coming in 2020 [CR1]

    It seems pretty clear at this point that Canon views EF-M as an entry-level consumer system. If we are going to take it seriously, we don't need more bodies, we need more lenses that aren't consumer zooms. This has been the situation for many years now. Only the 11-22, 22, and 32 are good...
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    Canon U.S.A. Introduces Its First Two 8K Broadcast Lenses

    Refreshing to see real video equipment for real video, rather than the endless arguments about which manufacturer has crammed the least-compromised video features into which still camera. And Canon certainly knows how to make real video equipment and nice lenses. Although the names...
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    Rumored Canon EOS M6 Mark II specifications [CR1]

    I was a long-time M user. Liked it better than Fuji X, which I also used for several years. But I gave up waiting on the M5/M6 update and switched to Nikon full frame mirrorless last year. I still have the 11-22, 22, and 32 M lenses and EF adapter + some other lenses, though. Maybe the...
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    Here’s a list of rumoured and predicted cameras coming from Canon in the next year

    You may not care about the M system, but one would think Canon would. The M50 is the largest selling mirrorless camera in Japan and has been 1st or 2nd selling Canon IL camera there for quite a while, and the M100 ranks 4th. Personally, it is/was also my own favorite Canon system. After quite...
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    Three new RF prime lenses coming in early 2020 [CR2]

    Slap a 32 f/1.4 EF-M on an M5 and you have something even more like a Leica Q, at half the price of the RP+35. But these days I'm feeling - sadly and unhappily - justified at having given up on EOS M last Fall, after 7 years of patient hoping that Canon would fill it in with a real system...
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    Canon registers a 32.5mp APS-C DSLR in Taiwan

    Slight variations on this type of M5 update rumor have been ongoing for something like 18 months now - that would be my (frustrated!) point. The current M5 has the virtually the same sensor in it as the 80D. So an equally logical supposition would be that the M5 update - if it actually exists...
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    Canon registers a 32.5mp APS-C DSLR in Taiwan

    As always, my question is: where's the update for the M5? Will it use this sensor? If Canon is not going to make any more high-end EOS-M stuff I wish they would come right out and say so. All they say is "the customer will decide". The customers in Japan have decided they like the M50 and...
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    So what has become of the rumored EOS R and C200 video feature updates?

    So what has become of the much-rumored EOS M5 update?
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    Canon talks IBIS and EOS M in a recent interview

    Huh? It's like having more than one pair of shoes, for different uses. By your logic i should still be using the Nikkormat I had in the 1970's.
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    Canon talks IBIS and EOS M in a recent interview

    That's a good logical question. My thinking didn't follow the release dates. I was waiting - and still am waiting - for an update to the M5. If that ever happens, I can see perhaps using both systems. I like the EF-M system, but if the only thing keeping it alive is the popularity of the M50...
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    Canon talks IBIS and EOS M in a recent interview

    This is the same non-answer for the future of EF-M that they have been giving for the last 18 months. I gave up on waiting for something other than low-level consumer-zoom-packages. The 32mm f/1.4, which I have, is nice but: Weather resistance in this system? IBIS? Updated sensors? My M5 and...
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    Patent: Lots of EF-M zoom optical formulas

    I've been using an M5 as my primary camera since it first came out. EF equipment gone. Large set of Fuji X gear gone. "We're expecting a new M5 update soon" or something along those lines has been a constant refrain on the internet for a year now. And here it is - again?! I also don't see...
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    Patent: Canon RF 14-21mm f/1.4L, yes…. f/1.4

    Yeah, it's practical, but I already had the 28mm EF-M Macro, for a lousy 300 bucks, little more than half the price. (Strange focal lengths for macro, both of them.) I used it mostly as a regular prime, although a slow one. Now I have the 32mm I gave the short 28mm macro to a friend of mine...
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    Patent: Canon RF 14-21mm f/1.4L, yes…. f/1.4

    I'm glad the Canon designers are having fun, but I wonder about the size and weight of such a lens. I'm a Canon M5 user, but if I were to go to full frame mirrorless I think right now Nikon is much more appealing. Practical lenses, and a Fuji style lens roadmap. In comparison, Canon seems to...
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    Breaking down the latest Canon gear to appear for certification

    Troll. Time for you to head over to an iPhone forum to check out the two new exciting releases. (My M5 takes nice images with an EF Zeiss 25 f/2 on the adapter. Manual focus (gasp) is great on mirrorless. 11-22 is great. Sold my pile of EF stuff earlier this year.)
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    So far so good, the Canon EOS R pleasantly surprised Jared

    Not "hate" for this clown, but sadness that this sort of immature high-school-style celebrity has become an "opinion maker" for imaging. Lack of praise, or even interest, towards someone is not "hate". And then, following the devalued use of of the word, who gives a sh*t whether he "hates"...
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    Canon officially announces the EF-M 32mm f/1.4 STM

    FWIW I am just a hobbyist, taking photos to please myself and my friends, not a pro at all, but have been at it for over 50 years. Most recently I've been waiting for Canon to step up to EF-M, since I got my M5 to replace an M in December 2016. Some of the EF-M lenses are fine-if-slow, the...
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    Further Canon EOS R specifications [CR1]

    Only one card slot? Tsk, tsk, the wedding photographers are going to go crazy, or at least they are about the Nikon Z cameras having only one slot. And Nikon upgraded to XQD, whereas Canon stuck with plain old SD. Gasp! More seriously, Thom Hogan has a very good article on real-vs-imagined...