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  1. beforeEos Camaras

    any one here use Moab papers?

    has any one use the paper called Metallic Sliver 300? I have been having issues on printing on this stock. the printer is a mx 922 cannon the stock is 8.5x11 on making a 8 x 10 print I keep on getting defects in the paper small dust and micro streaks not very big just on or two in the negative...
  2. beforeEos Camaras

    help on a selphy 1200 printer

    hello all my cp 1200 printer became possessed first it stated to report paper mismatch and just ejected the paper. the last thing it did was fuse the dye transport directly to a print and jammed completely. any ideas will be helpful
  3. beforeEos Camaras

    400 5.6fl lens and cps

    it seems that canon usa took the lens off of the points list for qualification for cps. I thought the lens was still in production and no replacement was on the horizon.
  4. beforeEos Camaras

    paper brands

    i am getting into printing and the papers I have tried in cannon glossy 2 and Moab cotton and metallic slick 300 in trial packs right now I am using a canon mx922 printer. with 5 inks. but I am looking at the canon 10 and pro 1 printer for large prints. I like Moab papers but dose these printer...
  5. beforeEos Camaras

    17-40 l advice vers the 16-35l 4.0

    hello all right now I have a 5dmk3 and I am using a 20-35 3.5 -4.5 usm as my uwa lens before that I used the 10-22 efs lens with my 70D the 17-40 has a price value over the 16-35 is 4. image stabling is something I don't need on a uwa. as I use a tripod for landscape. its more for a all...
  6. beforeEos Camaras

    85mm 1.8 lens

    hi all I am looking at the 1.8 as a portrait lens as the 1.2 is not in the same range price wise in my film days I used a 85 1.8 fd lens loved it. But on a crop body its no the same aspect but I will be getting the 5dmk3 in a few months. is the hood necessary for the lens. how is the flare...
  7. beforeEos Camaras

    the new canon phone app

    has any one tried the new canon connect with reasonable success? I cant seen to keep it connected
  8. beforeEos Camaras

    usb issue on a gripped 70D camera

    has any one had a issue with a 70D gripped body that sometimes wont sync with a pc for down load? I tried to down load the camera and have been using my old t1i cable thought the cable finally died how ever this was not the case. I then tried my wife's sl1 and it synced perfectly still puzzled...