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  1. JPAZ

    Major Canon announcements in February and May of this year [CR2]

    Hmmmmmm. I actually sold my EF-RF adapter that came with my RP /RF 24-105 purchase and used the $ towards the EF-RF Control Ring Adapter. Never occurred to me to keep it.
  2. JPAZ

    Major Canon announcements in February and May of this year [CR2]

    Would really like to go 100% mirrorless. Anxious to see what Canon can do to make me sell my 5Div. Rx with 2 slots and better EVF refresh rate? I'll hang on to my EF stable of lenses for now. They work well on the RP with adapter.
  3. JPAZ

    RP for travel decision

    I've got real world experience with just this dilemma....Was in Scotland (TREKKING in the Orkney Islands) last year. I too have a 5Div and an RP (wound up selling all of my M stuff and got the RP with the RF 24-105). After lots of consternation, went on that trip with the RP, 4 batteries, the...
  4. JPAZ

    Upgrade to EOS R or wait?

    Really like my RP. Waiting for a reason to sell the 5Div and move to a 100% mirrorless setup. Features and cost will be the determining factors. So, I guess that puts me into the "wait" category.
  5. JPAZ

    Eos Rp or R for $400 more

    About 100 centuries ago, I was moving from the film to the DSLR world. I went to a camera store (there were many more of them back then) and tried a few bodies. It all came down to Nikon vs Canon. I decided the Canon felt better in my hands. The rest is history. Who knows, I could be a...
  6. JPAZ

    RF24-105 lens barrel play

    A little "wiggle" in mine. No detectable issue with IQ or function. Maybe normal for this lens?
  7. JPAZ

    What is an "Open Box"?

    I've had pretty good luck with "open box" items over the years. As long as there is a warranty and a reasonable return option, I'd have no qualms buying an "open box"item again, if the price was right. Feel the same way about refurbished items although in some ways, a refurb might be even...
  8. JPAZ

    Eos Rp or R for $400 more

    As a long-time 5D* shooter, I tried the R in a store and found it to be really nice but not nice enough to give up my 5Div. When the RP came out, I sold all of my M bodies and EM lenses to get the RP and the RF 24-105 for my secondary body. While the RP has some limitations (FPS, single card...
  9. JPAZ

    Just picked up the Canon 70-200mm F4L for my EOS RP

    Even though I am very lucky to have the EF 70-200 f/2.8, I cannot part with my old EF 70-200 f/4 IS. It is just such a nice lens and is smaller and lighter than the "big guy." Congrats on your rig.
  10. JPAZ

    Mirrorless alternative to 5D mark IV

    @pwsusi, yours is the $64,000 question (although we all hope that body will be way less expensive than that ;) ). It is simple......2 card slots, enough FPS, decent battery life, autofocus that is at least like all the other R varieties, weatherproofing, and IQ at least on a par with my 5Div...
  11. JPAZ

    Why the 5D Mark V?

    Context....I am not a "professional" shooter, just a very involved hobbyist. My main body has been the 5Div and a group of EF lenses to go with that. I moved to the RP as my "backup" because it is a bit smaller and lighter and I was unhappy with the output from the various M bodies I'd tried...
  12. JPAZ

    Big price drops on the EOS 5D Mark IV, EOS R and more

    If you have a lot of EF or EF-S glass you'll be keeping, I'd get the control ring adapter. I use my control ring to change ISO on my RP.
  13. JPAZ

    EOS RP bricked

    That is a bit scary. Hopefully this is an isolated glitch. Are you using an RF lens or an EF with an adapter? Did you try the card in any other body? Just trying to piece together some possible explanations. I've not come across any excessive complaints of this in any forums. I really...
  14. JPAZ

    The tables have turned?

    I have friends who shoot Sony. Their FPS and their focus lock (at least before this latest firmware upgrade) are amazing. But, I still am partial to the look of the images from my Canon cameras and I am invested in a lot of Canon glass. I'mm thinking that my experience with the RP will lead...
  15. JPAZ

    The tables have turned?

    To me, the RP was a good step up over my previous "backup" (the M). Never thought I' prefer it over the DSLR. But no, I agree that a future R could become my primary body.
  16. JPAZ

    The tables have turned?

    Been shooting with 5d series for years. Actually have my original EF 24-105 but mostly use the 24-70. My point is that I preferred the RP to a camera has been my device of choice..............
  17. JPAZ

    The tables have turned?

    Was on a camera club field trip this weekend. Planned to have a decent range zoom but also a wide. What I wound up using actually surprised me....... As a very happy DSLR shooter (my go-to is the 5Div with the 28-70 f/2.8), I got the RP because it was lighter and smaller than the 5Div and was...
  18. JPAZ

    Canon has released firmware version 1.3.0 for the EOS RP

    Got to try it in "real life" yesterday. Is better than before but a few "quirky" moments like when there were wall murals with faces and folks walking by the statues in front of the mural. The focus point would sometimes jump away from my intended target if I hit the back-focus button while...
  19. JPAZ

    Canon has released firmware version 1.3.0 for the EOS RP

    A definite improvement. Seems to work well. Tracks nicely and I can "override" with thumb drag on the screen to move the point.
  20. JPAZ

    Canon EOS R firmware 1.4.0 now available for download

    As a "lowly" RP user, updated and tried with some stuffed animals and dolls (no living creatures with me tonight ;) ) and it is impressive. Can't wait to get out on Saturday and give this a real try.