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  1. privatebydesign

    Photoshop 2020CC, some big improvements for photographers

    I know a lot of people hate Adobe, and that's fine for them just move along, but for those that don't it looks like the 2020 update/version has made some very strong improvements for photographers especially for selections and a good few other bits. This video from one of my favorite YouTube...
  2. privatebydesign

    Which do you prefer?

    So here is a screen shot from two different cameras. I have processed both to be 'optimal', that is not the same processing to both just the best I could do for each. Which do you prefer and are you concerned about the differences?
  3. privatebydesign

    Fisheye Hemi: Defishing software V2 out now.

    Don't know if anybody else here uses it but I have used Fisheye Hemi as a PS plugin for years to very effectively defish images I shoot with the EF15mm. Well they just came out with a much more powerful V2 that gives those that want it many more controls over how the image is adjusted while...
  4. privatebydesign

    Metering values: Have they been changed?

    So I mentioned this on another thread but felt it might be interesting, though I freely admit it doesn't have any of the trigger phrases in it, no dynamic range, OVF vs EVF, etc etc. So many of you probably know and understand the way cameras meter and give a value for exposures, for many years...
  5. privatebydesign

    Art Morris very vocal move from Canon to Nikon (an update)

    So a few months ago I we had a pretty heated thread (it actually spread across several threads) that involved Art Morris’ very vocal and dismissive move from Canon to Nikon because of his perception that the D5 and D850 AF blew the 1DX MkII and 5D MkIV out of the water. He railed against the...
  6. privatebydesign

    What do you want in a 5DSR MkII?

    I've been mulling over getting a 5DSr since they came out but have always held off thinking just a couple more features would keep me happier for longer. Anyway the primary reason for a high MP camera is I print on a 24" printer regularly so would take the 'hero' shots with one, 24"x36" prints...
  7. privatebydesign

    First EOS R RAW files...

    Froknowsphoto has uploaded some interesting RAW files from the R. He had to convert them to DNG so we can all play with them but from what I have briefly seen they are nothing to write home about. And the accompanying YouTube video.
  8. privatebydesign

    Canon Speedlite 470EX-AI video

    Here is a link to a great video from a very accomplished speedlite/speedlight shooter. Shows the functionality of the AI head well and how various people could benefit from the two settings it has. Now of only they'd make a version that is also an RT controller... :)
  9. privatebydesign

    Newest 'biggest digital camera in the world'.

    Here's a link with a few details on the 3,024 MP camera. Of course it isn't as sharp as an 85mm Art but some might find it interesting anyway.
  10. privatebydesign

    AF setups you personally use.

    Following on from an earlier thread of mine re camera setup new bodies give an overwhelming array of AF options. These are the kind of settings that change as your use does but I thought it might be interesting to see where people are with their personal customization and usage. I have been a...
  11. privatebydesign

    What in camera options are honored by third party softwar

    So I know I can get close to an unmolested or pre processed RAW file from my camera, but going through the menus of a new model there are a lot of options available so I wondered who used which ones and if any post processing programs honor any of those options specifically for RAW files. I have...
  12. privatebydesign

    At last DP Review are honest!

    So at long last DPR have actually gone public with what many of us have known for a while, they are producers of paid infomercials for Nikon and Amazon. Now I don't have an issue with that, they can be whatever they want, but don't get on your high horse and preach impartial and unbiased...
  13. privatebydesign

    Another how much is enough :-)

    So there are a few interesting threads at the moment talking about pixel counts and who needs or wants more or less of them. There is the 5DSr thread of Dustin's review ( ) the rumored 30MP count for the 5D MkIV (...
  14. privatebydesign

    A challenge, and how much is 'enough'.

    So I've been reading the 1DX MkII vs 5DSR comments, the gorilla 1DX vs anything comments and I just wondered if, as discerning image makers and gear hounds, any of us have a clue on how much is enough. I took this image yesterday evening, it was very dim and there is little contrast, much more...
  15. privatebydesign

    My five generations of Canon bodies.

    So here is my first camera, the AE-1 bought new in 1978 for £220 and the camera I did my first paid jobs with, and my current camera, a 1Ds MkIII I got secondhand in 2009 for $4,250 that I am still working with. I had many bodies in between but never seemed to sell the 'backup' that normally...
  16. privatebydesign

    1DX MkII samples page

    First samples I have seen.
  17. privatebydesign

    New Adobe feature, Boundary Warp.

    I know Adobe is a bit of a dirty word around here but today's update to ACR and LR introduced a new feature which seems very powerful and useful for those that do stitches. Lots of new lens profiles and normal stuff too, but it seems to me Boundary Warp is a genuinely new feature...
  18. privatebydesign

    Adobe doubles profits, share price reflects investor satisfaction at CC model. So all you people 'holding out' to 'force Adobe' to go back to a failed pricing model are screwed. The model worked, they have improved many features in the time I have had CC and the company...
  19. privatebydesign

    T3i with 100-400 + 1.4TC, will AF work?

    Tag says it all really, but I was just asked if the 100-400 with Canon 1.4TC would AF on the T3i, I don't have a clue. If the T3i AF is limited to f5.6 but the first part of the zoom retains that what happens? Thanks.
  20. privatebydesign

    What is your recommendation or request for a photo gift this season?

    Kinda tired of all the regurgitated bickering threads so here is some more lighthearted fodder. What are you either going to buy for somebody, or hope to receive this season, and do you have any out of the box recommendations for others to give as gifts? To buy: I have to find a camera that...