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    1DX and DxO Optics Pro compatibility

    I know many of you use the DxO software to process your RAW file. Did I miss something or is it possible the OPtics PRo software is not yet compatible with the 1DX? Cant get DxO to read my 1DX files... Thanks for your input...
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    When do you use spot metering?

    I am curious to learn for what situation people use spot metering. In particular, since i do mostly portrait, do any of you use it for portrait when shooting without a flash? I usually do not play with metering myself but by mistake i took a few portraits with spot metering inside without...
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    1DX available from Boolchand's (2 units)

    For those that may be interested or are sitting too far in the pre-order queue, Ravi at Boolchand store is telling me they are receiving two unit of the 1DX next week or so and they are not sold yet. They are in the US and offer free shipping with no tax since they are actually in the US Virgin...
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    1DX vs D4 sample

    Finally received my 1DX today and after the battery was charged, my mom was nice enought to serve as my model today since my dauthers and wife are out for the week. I did those very quickly for my own use and tried to keep lighting fairly the same but you will see some variation of course...
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    New 61 point AF (1DX and 5DmkIII) compatibility with 580 II speedlite.

    From the Canon USA site, we can read on the new 600 speedlite that: AF Assist Beam compatible with Canon's new 61-Point High Density Reticular AF. But Canon fails to say anything about the other speedlite, like the 580 II for example. Does anyone knows if the older speedlite are actually...
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    So frustrated with new 5DmkIII - returning it!

    I have been playing with the 5DmkII for two days now shooting lots of pictures and man am I frustrated! WHile high ISO is better, I stuggled with the following: 1- ISO 100-400 is not better than my 5DmkII and actually at ISO 400 where a lot of my picture are taking with a flash I actually see...
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    dpreview and the 5DmkIII

    I know a lot of folks claim DP Review is sometime biased to Nikon in its review and I always thought this was odd, until now with the 5DmkIII! Have you noticed that both the D4 and the D800 have been updated with sample ISO shot that we can compare with any camera in their database...except the...
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    Canon Pixma Pro-1: has anyone used one yet?

    Just about to order the Pixma Pro-1 printer and wondering if anyone here has had any exoerience with it and if so are you happy with this printer. I currently have no photo printer so looking forward to adding one for adhoc printing...thanks in advance for your input... Jacques
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    Shooting professional sports (NHL) with a DSLR - access denied!

    So last night I was all excited because I add ring seat to an NHL game in Montreal so I thought lets bring the 5D mkII with my 135mm and take some cool shots right! I see so many sports pictures being posted here that I thought this would be fun! Well when I got to the door the security denied...
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    Assigning ISO function to a different button on 5D mkII???

    Does any one know if there is a way either using Canon firmware or a third party firmware to assign the ISO function to a different button while shooting in various mode like Av or Tv? When I shoot in Av mode, I keep playing with the top botton to change aperture, but unfortunately to also...
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    How often do you shoot video with your DSLR?

    With all the video capabilities of the EOS camera like the 7D, 60D, 1D4 or the 5Ds, how often do you shoot video compared to shooting still? Are you using a seperate camcorder instead for your home movies? I thought I would use the video feature much more on my 5D mkII but I ended up using...
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    A little humor - Canon vs Nikon video

    Very well made movie and funny too in case some of you have not seen it...funny how it was shot with Canon but the link was shown on NR as well! Enjoy!
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    1DX in January 2012 for Pros???

    Hey guys, while I was on vacation last week I met a professional photographer at the airport (friend of my dad I did not know). When he saw me taking pictures of my daughter with my 5D mkII we immediately started to talk about cameras in general (well first he took a nice photo of my daughter...
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    Imatest resolution question - lens testing

    This may seem like a stupid question! When we go on to look at lens test and then compare resolution charts for each lens that are based on the Imatest (LW/PH), it make sense if I only look at Canon lens say done with a FF camera. Where I am puzzle is why when I also look at...
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    ST-E2 Speedlite transmitter helping focusing?

    Has anyone tried or used the Canon ST-E2 transmitter (used for wireless flash) to simply help focusing without a flash? I noticed that focusing on my 5d mk II is always better (even if I shoot the light away from subject) when I use my 580 speedlite. I read somewhere that because the flash...
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    24mm 1.4L II versus 35mm 1.4L - help!

    I need some help to pick a wide lens mostly for inside portrait shots (family, child picture inside). I currently shoot a lot with a 50mm and 85mm for my portrait. However at 50mm i find I often run out of space to capture my daughter with other activity in the room. So I need something...
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    Best lens for video

    Hey guys, I have a 5D mk II and while I love it for pictures, I am struggling to get good video out of it. I currently only have a 50 1.2 L and a 85 1.2 mk II L lens. All my video show too much movement. Without getting into a full blown prof. setup, should I buy the 24-105 L IS lens instead...