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    New 5D4 Memo recording firmware -- usable for multiple cards?

    Colleagues -- I was very happy to see the 5D4 firmware upgrade to allow voice memo recordings on my 5D4. (I'm a photojournalist.) I had CPS install this at once. My question is: can this be made to record the WAV file to BOTH cards, or only one? My default setting on my 5D4 bodies are to...
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    Post photos of other photographers in action

    Photo by Doug Brown, Portland Mercury: Photojournalist covering Mayday demonstration.
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    Do You Use Third Party Batteries in Your Canon Cameras?

    Colleagues: I am sort of the "simple son" here, so forgive an ignoramus' question: assuming a hypothetical equal build quality, will a 2600 mAh battery last longer, perform better, give more shots than, say, a 1900 mAh battery? My own third-party experience has been excellent. I often shoot in...
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    Canon 5D MKIV dual memory card question

    Colleagues -- I also use CF + SD in my %d3 & 4 for redundancy. I rarely shoot in bursts of > 8-10. But I was, I admit, alarmed at the statement that low-level formatting of SD will damage it or shorten life. I have long assumed that formatting a card prior to use is better for it, not worse, and...
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    Card failure story?

    I use 5D3 & 4, hence have dual cards. I always shoot RAW + jpg, copying both to both cards. I shoot a lot, daily, in complex circumstances. I have had only one fail: a Lexar 633x 64G SD became corrupt -- don't know why or how. I lost a few images. Tried everything --reformatted card, different...
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    Sigma 35 Art vs. Tamron 35 or 45?

    AH Sanford -- I find your comments lucid, thorough, and reasoned. Very useful. Thx for posting.
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    Cover glass for 5D4 touch-screen?

    Dear Friends: I sometimes bang around my gear a bit harder than I would like, and it has been my custom always to keep a high-quality multilayer cover-glass affixed to the rear LCD -- a cover-glass of the Giotto or Vello sort, though not always those brands. This has worked out extremely well...
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    Error 70 Message

    Thanks, each and all, for the error 70 suggestions. I called CPS this morning and got excellent advice: Since the error 70 message is triggered by an image defect, he suggested trying the cards one at a time, alone in the camera. So: 1. I took both cards out, turned camera on; the menu said it...
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    Error 70 Message

    Colleagues: My well-used but very well cared-for 5D Mark 3 just spouted an 'error message 70.' I have done everything can think of: cleaned contacts, changed lenses, changed battery, cards, turned off/on several times. Short of sending to CPS (I'm gold) does anyone have insight into this? I...
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    5D4 vs 1Dx -Body durability and related questions

    Colleagues --Thank you for your comments; please keep them coming. I learn from all of you. I use both the 5d3 and the 1dx in nasty environments, and while I don;t want to pound nails, I do want ideal autofocus and low-light responsiveness -- and resistance to shock, being banged around...
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    5D4 vs 1Dx -Body durability and related questions

    Dear Colleagues: I am considering the 5D4 (I have 1Dx and 5D3 and very happy with both). I do stills almost exclusively; video is less important to me. I shoot in very unfriendly environments; outdoors a lot, dust, smoke, dirt, etc. Low light is important, but 14 FPS is probably less so. My...
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    85L - UV filter vs. Clear filter

    In regard to the same train of questions, does anyone have experience with the new line of Hoya filters that claim to be more durable, more scratch and dust and grime resistant, etc., etc? I note these are very expensive; but so are L and Sigma lenses which are all I use. Any thoughts or...
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    5D Mark III Dual Memory Card

    The menu for using the 2 cards is pretty flexible. If I am not mistaken, though (I'm writing from memory) I don't recall being able to write raw to one card and jpg to the other. You can, though, make it write simultaneously to both; or make it write sequentially to one when the other is full...
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    Post photos of other photographers in action

    I was shooting a demonstration and saw my buddy getting a low angle on some signage. He subsequently shot me, displaying why I use kneepads everywhere I shoot...
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    Perfect solution for carry photo equipment while traveling backpacker style??

    Extremely interesting, valuable, and informed discussion. Thanks to all. I also plan several extended trips, though not in such harsh environments. I'd think about carrying a smaller daypack of any sort, inside your large backpack. Two points, though: a) have you considered wheeled luggage of...
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    If you've got a decent body and decent lenses, the next most important thing is-

    A mentor. Sometimes called an 'editor.' Or a guru. What a NYC cop calls a "rabbi." Someone with much more experience than you have, an eye and a production record similar to what you want to achieve, and the willingness to help you murder your own children. If you find such a person, treasure...
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    Believe me, I sympathize... My own approach is to try, try, try to describe the problem as accurately and exactly as possible, and then let them fix it... My mother always told me, "Johnny, don't tell a surgeon how to operate." And I also learned that it really IS possible to take out one's own...
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    Danny Green Talks the Canon EF 100-400 f/4.5-5.6L IS II

    One hopes that the 100-400 will come with the same black-box warning that the 70-200 comes with: "Do not photograph women older than 21 with this lens. The extreme sharpness of the lens may cause damage to the health of the photographer."
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    BlackRapid FAIL - grrrrrr

    Colleagues: I have been a loud partisan of BR straps for a long time. I have though had two scary separations of lens from body (one caused damage; one was a near-miss), neither of which was due to BR strap problems. I am convinced the separations are due to unintended release of the lens lock...
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    Woe and Pathos in the Sigma 50 Art?

    I am very grateful for your input. PLEASE keep it coming. I have the USB dock and will get to work on it; will also try lensAlign. I admit to a high degree of extreme paranoia about sharpness. This is my problem, not Sigma's. But I just finished a 2-hour theater shoot with the 70-200 and 24-70...