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    Nikon cutting way back on genuine parts for repairs in the USA

    In March of next year it looks like Nikon users will have to send their cameras in to one of only two repair centers if they want genuine parts: Ifixit article The most interesting line in the article is "Every shop owner we spoke with mentioned that Canon, while no longer offering warranty...
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    Windows 10 login backgrounds have credits now

    Did anyone else notice that recently the Windows 10 login screen photos are now showing credit to the photographers? There was some grumbling that Microsoft was paying for stock images unbeknownst to the photographers but also that the images were completely uncredited. Now it shows the...
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    6D wifi connect vs no internet connection makes Android switch over to home wifi

    Most of the time I use my 6D's wifi to transfer to my Android phone when I'm out and about. So the camera is set up in standalone hotspot mode. Sometimes however I want to use it at home if the computer is turned off and I just want one picture out, etc. But the Android phone complains that the...
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    Canon USA website has a new 'recommend a lens' feature that is comically bad

    Go to the 'Products' section then 'Lenses' and it offers to walk through a set of menus to advise you... What model camera do you have? 77D. What do you want to take pictures of? Action. Indoor or outdoor? Indoor. Are you willing to spend more or less than $500? More. We recommend just for...
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    Is anyone interested in this new EL-100?

    This new flash announced along with the R camera seems strangely anachronistic. Why would an all new model use the old optical wireless?
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    How to make kids with books pictures more interesting?

    I volunteer at my daughter's elementary school for a program they have where if a child reads enough books they get their picture taken with their favorite. Someone else photoshops a theme background to them so I have to use the basic white background of the projector screen. The librarian has...
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    How do you name tag or otherwise label your gear?

    I put return address labels on the bottoms of my cameras with my phone number in case I lose one but the things get ripped up when using a tripod/monopod so I was looking for something better. Obviously an outright theft will not get it back (except maybe if it is ransomed). Also depends on how...
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    Other flashes getting RT?

    Is there any hope that the smaller flashes will make the transition to radio control as slaves? There are now 3 wireless methods; RT, IR, and strobe. It would be nice to get them all on the same system.