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  1. kodakrome

    The holiday season in the enchanted forest

    Taken Dec 5th in South Carolina
  2. kodakrome

    The blue light special

    A few 6 a.m. shots from the local marina. These were taken 10 - 20 minutes before sunrise. A 1.3 second exposure at 15mm. An 8 second exposure at 28mm. And a 6 second exposure at 100mm.
  3. kodakrome

    flutter by

    In my part of the country, butterfly season has begun. lens = 100 2.8L macro
  4. kodakrome

    is this considered wildlife?

    I took this in December, while walking with my wife on the beach. I don't bring my big camera to the beach, but I did have a powershot in my pocket. My crabby friend welcomes you to the shore.
  5. kodakrome

    Change of pace

    Went birding this morning with a fisheye lens...
  6. kodakrome

    Any bird experts around here?

    I'm trying to identify a bird that I'm not really sure of. It's a large bird that I've seen numerous times near the South Carolina shore. Looks very similar to a black-crowned night heron, but is brown in color. The ones that I've seen have been slightly smaller than the night heron, but with...
  7. kodakrome

    A couple from the lagoon

    A couple of yellow-bellied sliders and a gator. Taken with 6D and 400 5.6L
  8. kodakrome

    The wooden trolley

    Greenville, South Carolina. 10-18 STM lens