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  1. beforeEos Camaras

    Annoying Advertising!

    yes same here takes up over 40% of my screen just got used to click close trying to read posts
  2. beforeEos Camaras

    Will dSLR's be sustained only by nostalgia?

    this debate sounds like the move track star wars the new hope. Behold the might of the fully operational Death Star. having used range finders to fixed non finder view 35 mm just a hole to like up your subject compose and shoot. slrs date back to the 50s its not going away each view finder...
  3. beforeEos Camaras

    More than you wanted to know about a couple of gimbals!

    I love to see the build photos Joe
  4. beforeEos Camaras

    BIRD IN FLIGHT ONLY -- share your BIF photos here

    new post from my trip in Maine. before the strike by joseph kelly, on Flickr
  5. beforeEos Camaras

    95mm ND filter recommendation please?

    hi just get the lee filter system at that size its a lot better then the dinner sized platters. also give you more versatility
  6. beforeEos Camaras

    any one here use Moab papers?

    has any one use the paper called Metallic Sliver 300? I have been having issues on printing on this stock. the printer is a mx 922 cannon the stock is 8.5x11 on making a 8 x 10 print I keep on getting defects in the paper small dust and micro streaks not very big just on or two in the negative...
  7. beforeEos Camaras

    why Cannon sleeps so hard

    so with my 5d mk 3 I am utter fail? and my 70d? but funny I still love the photos the camera's so fail can produce
  8. beforeEos Camaras

    Show your Bird Portraits

    cape cod turkey by joseph kelly, on Flickr a full strutting turkey
  9. beforeEos Camaras

    Black & White

    maine light house_ by joseph kelly, on Flickr a dark and moody photo
  10. beforeEos Camaras

    BIRD IN FLIGHT ONLY -- share your BIF photos here

    puffen (1 of 1) by joseph kelly, on Flickr a puffin in flight heavily cropped egg rock Maine
  11. beforeEos Camaras

    Industry News: Major Sony photography announcement July 16, 2019 at 10AM ET

    well the way I see this you cannot decide on a system and ride out the storm. I went from a ftb-n with fd lens to a eos system in 2009 its the art of the light not the speciation of the camera system i might go mirrorless someday; but it will be to one system not every breeze that blows in on...
  12. beforeEos Camaras

    Industry News: Major Sony photography announcement July 16, 2019 at 10AM ET

    nice keep jumping ship sounds like a ill conceive plan to me
  13. beforeEos Camaras

    Pulled the trigger on an R tonight.

    enjoy it post photos as soon as you get used to the camera
  14. beforeEos Camaras

    Portrait shooters: How do you price?

    fees 1 travel time yours 2 sitting fee cost of 1 shoot plus a possible reshoot in the fee package number of printed proofs "electronic proofs need to be watermarked" 3 reprints and large prints proofs are printed by your self as 4x6 5x7 are easy enough larger depends on your inhouse printers...
  15. beforeEos Camaras

    Ricoh predicts DSLRs will bounce back

    well I am going to get shelled but while its a turbulent time for the camera industry. if you really think about it what format truly has stopped being produced ? rangefinders slrs mirrorless point and shoot? digital film? the only thing that will be a sticking point is the forward...
  16. beforeEos Camaras

    The FINAL DEATH of DSLR cameras with moving mirrors!

    why fix something that's not broken?
  17. beforeEos Camaras

    Someone take apart remote switch?

    why? both are wired remotes the 60 with a pair and the 80 with 3 twisted wire. clones are cheap enough to just replace item
  18. beforeEos Camaras

    Once and for all, a poll on tripod FLIP or TWIST locks!

    I have both but like flip locks. the twist locks is on my travel benro legs. and the flips are on my studio manfroto 055b pro legs and the 682b monopod. but I do find both work just as well as the outer. also before I take my heavy legs out I check the locks for loosening and adjust them...
  19. beforeEos Camaras

    What are your best shots of 2018?

    its mine by joseph kelly, on Flickr is one of my best wildlife from 2018