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  1. marekjoz

    DPP DLO's module lenses availability is a hint at lenses roadmap?

    I'm just wondering if a lack of correction data for some lenses in Canon DPP DLO module is not a hint at their life cycle and expected upgrades/end of life announcements. I'm observing what they add to the list of provided lenses and was wondering why 70-200 2.8 (NON IS) was missing all the...
  2. marekjoz

    Cheerleaders at a game

    There was a game yesterday I was at. Some really nice cheerleaders were there, so I thought I'd share... Poland - RSA by marekjoz, on Flickr Poland - RSA by marekjoz, on Flickr Poland - RSA by marekjoz, on Flickr
  3. marekjoz

    How much saturation do you usually add/remove in your photos?

    Honestly, this is not intented to bash Ken's +4 setting, but looking again at his photos I am intrigued - maybe this really normal and people really need to add so much? I use 0 or +1. Very rarely, if it's underexposed and hard pushing was neccessery, I have to give +2. What settings do you use?
  4. marekjoz - great blog entry - statistcs on repairs, failures and support

    So again I'm admired to Roger Ciala's blog entry. You can take a look on which lenses in their business require more repairs and why, as well camera bodies. There is Canon as well. The quality of his posts is...
  5. marekjoz

    Hasselblad at Photokina and lensrentals sense of humour :-)

    Hasselblad has announced their new 5000 Euro camera based on Nex-7. Why writing here about it? Recently we have seen mirrorless from Canon. Each day here is a fight here between Sony and Canon sensors. And Hasselblad makes the real use of it making it's own case and some buttons for the Nex-7...
  6. marekjoz

    Flat lens discovered in Harvard

    Have you read this: ? It's not Canon yet, but if patent won't be closed to any manufacturer, what we'll see in some time? Just guess and turn your imagination on :)
  7. marekjoz

    Euro American Challenge (American Football) in Warsaw on Saturday

    So on Saturday there was in Poland another American Football game. It was rather a show game than a serious competition. Below are some photos I managed to make with the 5D2 and 70-200 F4 L IS and a video. Euro American Challenge by marekjoz, on Flickr Euro American Challenge by marekjoz...
  8. marekjoz

    Poll: What are the chances that specs for rumored 7D Mark II will become true?

    So the fun begins again :-) What are the chances that the specs presented here: 7D2 specs rumor will become true? You can give five votes - there are different specs to judge. You can change your decision.
  9. marekjoz

    Industrial fun photography

    Share your abstract and senseless industrial factory-inside photos. I'll start with these: Industrial fun by marekjoz, on Flickr Industrial fun by marekjoz, on Flickr Industrial fun by marekjoz, on Flickr Industrial fun by marekjoz, on Flickr Industrial fun by marekjoz, on Flickr...
  10. marekjoz

    Poll: What will be the price of first EOS M?

    So everybody's here excited about news on new mirrorless toy from Canon. Having read almost all posts, I haven't found any topic about the price. So let's speculate - what will be the initial price of the EOS M body? I think it would be set between 599$ and 799$. Edit: Price anticipation in US...
  11. marekjoz

    So stupid but still so funny :)

    I didn't know where to place it, so I thought "Site information" would be a good place. Feel as attacked by cats: Come on guys, smile a little.
  12. marekjoz

    American football in Poland

    So on Sunday I was at the game - final match of the Polish National American Football League. This was my first american football game I watched live, as this sport is not so popular in Poland. What do you think about those photos and video? Shot with 5d2 and 7d, different lenses.
  13. marekjoz

    Magic Lantern with full support for 5d2 soon!

    For all of you stuck with the old gear like 5d2 there are some good news. The new ML portal ( announced full support for 5d2 to be ready quite soon. I have dlownloaded and played with the ML v2.3 pre-RC1 version published today. Well, I have to say that ML has gone a...
  14. marekjoz

    Canon 5D Mark III hacked – Magic Lantern on way

    I'm sure that some of the owners of 5d3 will be more than happy:!/autoexec_bin/status/195800277079687169, reading that Magic Lantern WILL work on 5d3 :)
  15. marekjoz

    Next Canon step in the matter of their sensors

    So the battle for 5d3 image quality will continue for some time. No matter for a while whether DXO results are fine or not - the numbers are presented to the public and caused some mess anyway. People in Canon probably are not happy looking at comparisons knowing the public look at them as well...
  16. marekjoz

    Stacking TC - samples

    There are some questions regarding teleconverters - IQ achieved, AF, apperture etc. Having read great Tale of Two Teleconverters I made a test myself. Assumptions: 1. Controlled lighting environment 2. Tripod 3...
  17. marekjoz

    Karma is gone?

    No karma on forum as for the current moment. Is it just temporary or not? :)
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    Water splash
  19. marekjoz

    Selphy printers

    Does someone here use a Selphy printer? What do you think about it? I find the quality really good although cost is rather high. Personally I'm surprised they don't have bigger formats, nor use more colors. What's the reason? Does anybody know?
  20. marekjoz

    If 4k video in 5dx/5d3...

    What if really one of 5d2 successors would provide 4k video? Would you like it? Do you use 4k video in your hobby/professional work? I'd welcome it for one reason now: possibility to crop it to 1920/1080 and thus eliminating shake blurr shaking image almost without loosing quality. What do you...