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    5D mark iv- Error 40

    I have had my 5D4 for almost 3 years without any problems whatsoever, however it has just developed "error 40" when you turn the camera on. I have only ever used oem batteries in the camera, however they have been a mix of Lp-E6n and Lp-E6's both types of battery are compatible. I have 3...
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    Advice wanted for trip to upstate New York.

    Hi, I will be taking the family for vacation to up-state New York during the first two weeks of August. I wouldn't really consider myself a landscape photographer and never having been to the area before I was looking for a bit of advice as to good spots for taking photos. I do realise that...
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    Question on focus speed -Tamron 70-200

    I have owned a Tamron 70-200 VC for about 15 months and had no problems. I mainly take photos of family activities, friends and my kids sports teams which I share with the school, sports club and other parents. I encountered a problem when I was taking photos of our two family dogs...
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    Rugby- Heineken cup, Connacht vs Saracens

    Hi, my first sports shoot with my new 5D3 and my trusty old 100-400. I haven't post processed anything, constructive C&C welcome.
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    €4000 to spend on upgrade to FF some options?

    Hi all, I have just over €4000 to spend and I want to upgrade to a FF camera. At present I have a 60D with the following FF lenses - a 50 f1.4 and a 100-400L. ( my other lenses are crop and so are probably going to be sold) I shoot mostly Family events, including the kids sporting...
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    Will the 6D autofocus match that of my 60D?

    Hi, I have finally got the money together to get another camera and have decided to go FF. I own a 60d and take mostly portraits of the kids and landscape and other general stuff but as is the case in most families I also take pics of the kids playing sports with their teams. The 60D is not a...
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    Hi this is from my first time doing a sports shoot, I'm happy enough with the results but is there anything I could improve?? Ok I used a 60D with a 100-400L ( That's what I have,) The day was overcast but dry. settings are between f4.5 and f8 and shutter speed is between 800-1250. auto iso...