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  1. ethanz

    Premiere 2020

    I may be silly but my Adobe Premiere just updated to 2020 and I needed to export a video. It took about 1/5 of the time the same project took in 2019 version. Did they actually make it an efficient and powerful program now? I haven't had a chance to play around with it yet, so I can't say...
  2. ethanz

    Adobe testing a new price point for the Creative Cloud Photography Plan

    Looks like they might try to raise prices:
  3. ethanz

    2019 Super Bowl Cameras

    As always, I like to watch the super bowl for the production and cameras, not the football. Saw tons of big whites as usual. At the end when Brady was walking around and all the reporters were swarming him, I just saw a circle of 1dx and red rings. I think I saw 1 sony. Not sure if I saw any...
  4. ethanz

    Sony Wedding shooter

    I was attending a wedding this past weekend. It was not a traditional wedding flow, so my expectations may have been skewed. The wedding photographer was a Sony shooter. I couldn't see which model, but it looked like one of the a7 varieties. I thought the a7's were silent? I heard the shutter...
  5. ethanz

    85mm f1.4 IS L

    I received a loan from CPS for this lens. I went to visit family for Christmas and had it on my camera the whole week, even though I had my other lenses with me. It is really a sweet lens. The AF is fast, but as I was taking pictures of fast moving children under the age of 5 most of the time...
  6. ethanz

    Wedding pictures: Digital files or Prints

    Hello all, I'm fairly new to the wedding side of things. I'm sure this has been asked before, but what do you guys normally do for couples: give them their pictures in digital format for them to do what they want or keep them protected and have them buy prints? And if it is the former, do you...
  7. ethanz

    New Mirrorless Mount

    Yes, another thread about the rumored full frame mirrorless camera mount... All this talk about new lenses and what Canon will do and how people should respond to these lenses made me think the new mirrorless will be the EF-U mount. Discuss. ;D
  8. ethanz

    Can not start a new topic

    Here you go Don
  9. ethanz

    New 1dx mode: D mode

    Canon needs to make a new mode for the 1dx to put it in dummy mode so that no settings or buttons other than shutter work. I've been on trips where I give my camera to someone to take a picture of me and they accidentally press a button and the exposure is then all messed up and the picture is...
  10. ethanz


    Hello everyone, I'll be going to Israel for a week next month with a tour group. I plan to take my 16-35 and a friends 70-200 f4 (to lighten my load vs my 2.8). This would be the first time I don't take my 24-70. Do you think I'll be missing that range or missing a 2.8? My last trip like this...
  11. ethanz

    Nikon 200-500

    Hello, My dear Nikon friend (Jesus calls me to love my enemies, so I try) just bought a Nikon 200-500. He was showing it to me and it looks really sharp on his D810. I've read that there is extreme copy variation, so he must have just gotten a good copy. How much do you think Nikon is losing on...
  12. ethanz

    Western Canada

    Hello everyone, A friend and I are interested in vacationing in western Canada this August with a car. What are some of the top places to visit and things to do? What is it like camping in those places? I read through the previous thread about this, but am hoping for some more input. I know...
  13. ethanz

    Video Monopod

    I am looking to get a monopod (heavy lens and camera). But I also shoot video and have seen a "video monopod" where it has those three little feet on the bottom of the monopod. How much do those help stabilize the camera when shooting video? And do they get in the way of shooting regular...
  14. ethanz


    Have any of you guys seen or heard about this? Sounds very interesting. What do you think?
  15. ethanz

    1DX II for $5,500

    Not sure if anyone else has posted this, but the 1dx mark II is on sale at BH for $5,500 instant savings. Pretty good deal!
  16. ethanz

    Professional Photographers of America

    I had a friend suggest I join for the insurance/protection and resources/education they offer. Is anyone else part of it? What do you think about it? As I do more photo jobs I think the insurance and protection they offer will be important and I'm not quite sure where else I...
  17. ethanz

    1DX batteries and travel

    Hello, I have a 1DX mark 2 and two LP-E19 batteries. Later this year I will be going on a trip to Europe for three weeks. I want to travel light as I'll be on lots of planes and trains. I've contemplated not bringing my battery charger, since it is about the size of the camera. I would probably...
  18. ethanz

    Scotland trip

    Hello, Hopefully this is the right forum. I'll be on a layover in Scotland for 24 hours in May. I'll have a rental car from Glasgow. I plan to spend most of my time in Edinburgh. Any recommendations for great scenery/landscapes anywhere in the area or anything else I should do? With such...
  19. ethanz

    1dx II video output

    Hello, I've got a 1dx Mark 2 and I'm at the conference in Europe. Trying to connect it with hdmi out to an atem television studio switcher. I'm running 1080i50 on the switcher. I've tried just about everything in the camera settings to get the camera to show up on the switcher. When I plug it...