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    Just a reminder. We have a team of 4 active moderators who review each and every new member before they can join the forum. We are currently rejecting many where our tools report a history of spam related to the email and IP of the person involved. We also check black lists, and many spammers...
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    Anything Shot with a 5D Mark IV

    There is a whole sub forum dedicated to images from the 5D Mark IV. Please start your own threads for your images, catchall topics merely pile up hundreds of pages that have to be rendered every time someone opens the topic. This topic is locked.
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    Like Buttom for posts

    We've installed a rating system for posts. This system lets administrators spot any abuse, which was the issue we had years ago with the SMF ratings. At the bottom far right corner are two difficult to see buttons. A thumbs up like button and a thumbs down icon. They are difficult to see, so...
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    New Member with 5D MK III Streaks in Image

    I am starting this for a new member who is unable to start a topic yet. Here is his problem! i got a canon 5d mark 3 and notice that on the photos it has funny purple marks/lines on them. If i take the same photo a number of times the purple mark is in different loacations Here is what I...
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    NEW Member Permissions:

    Effective Immediately, new members will not be able to start new topics. They can reply to existing topics. After a sufficient number of posts, their permissions will allow starting new topics and revising their Profile.
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    What Does Canon Refurbished Mean?

    Lots of folks ask this question, So I've included a direct quotation from the Canon online Store. You can read it and decide what it means to you, the Cameras I've bought always had low actuations, and lenses were excellent with no scratches or marks...
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    MOVED: My Canon Goodies for sale!

    This topic has been moved to FOR SALE Photo Equipment.
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    Merry Christmas and A Happy Holiday Season to All

    I'm wishing all of our CR members a happy holiday season. I hope you all get the gear you wanted.
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    Thanks Adorama and Helen Oster !

    My new 100-400mm L was shipped last Friday, and I am enjoying it. Though not a fault of Adorama's, UPS messed up on the overnight delivery, it was over a weekend, so they really messed up. I emailed Helen Oster late Thursday night, and there was a shipping refund when I fired up my computer...
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    Visibility of CR Boards

    I was asked about the ability to see a board this morning, which led me to discover than many members were not able to see all of our boards. That is fixed now, so if you are seeing more boards, that's why.
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    Yellow Jackets on Sunflower

    I bought a used P&S camera today, so one of the things I tried out was a closeup just as the sun was setting. I wanted to see how the camera acted with a hand held close focus situation. I found it quite difficult to get reasonably sharp images, but finally did get a couple. This one is...
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    Small or Large Thumbnails - Poll

    I have reduced the size of image thumbnails to 200 X 200. A viewer must click on a thumbnail to see a larger image. At the same time, I increased the number of images allowed from 6 to 10. The issue is that it takes a lot of time to have a large number of 770 X 770 loading, and not everyone...
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    Post Processing Forum Now Active

    Many have requested the forum.
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    NEW ___ Sell Your Gear - Closed

    The Forum is Closed. I do not expect to re-open it. Those interested in testing a beta photography equipment selling board may contact me to signup. This is for test purposes only, and only the first 15 who have 30 or more posts will be accepted. If you do not have at least 30 posts...
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    NEW Member Signup Code is HERE!

    Welcome new members. To help prevent Robots from signing up, please enter the code(s) into the verification code box found in the new member signup form. Ignore any symbols proceeding or following the code. Spammers occasionally program the robots to read our codes, so we change the way they...
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    LOST Active USER ACCOUNTS with posts??

    Apparently, some members who were active and had posts have had their member account accidentally removed. This should not have happened. Their old posts will still be there and can be found in a search for the user name, but the account doesn't work. It only happened to those who had not...
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    Buddies / Ignore List

    If you want to ignore a poster, just add him to your ignore list. profile /summary/modify profile/ buddies/ignore list / edit ignore list and add the user name.
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    NOTICE!! Members with no posts or logins being purged.

    We are cleaning out spammer accounts, 99.9% of them are inactive, but occasionally come to life. Some members who signed up over 45 days ago but never logged in again may get caught up. The account can be recreated, nothing is lost, since nothing was posted and no one logged in. We had...
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    New Member Signup Code

    If you are signing up to be a CR member, the VERIFICATION CODE required on the signup page is intended to stop Spam Robots from logging in. It is not there to discourage new membership, but to make the forum a more pleasant place for valid users. Please cut and paste the following...
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    Membership Approval Now Required

    We are now requiring membership approval of each new member. The reason for this is the 400 new account signups by spam robots each day. Approvals usually take as day or less to complete. We are weeding out the spam accounts, but that will take time. We will not approve membership if the...