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  1. Eldar

    Hasselblad H6D-100c vs. Sony AR7II by Karl Taylor

    Interesting video by Karl Taylor, comparing the H6D-100c and the Sony AR7II. I expected to see differences, but these are more obvious than I had expected.
  2. Eldar

    Sigma 135 f1.8 Art; Inconsistent AF

    It may be that Sigma is after me and is determined to keep me away from their lenses ... Even though I made myself a promise, not to get another Sigma lens, I fell for the initial reports from the likes of Dustin Abbott, about AF improvements and I picked up the 135/1.8 yesterday. I initially...
  3. Eldar

    Flash problem with 5DSR

    I have just bought a pair of Profoto B1s. Fantastic lights, which works great on my 1DX-II and 5DIV. However on the 5DSR, the remote control is not recognised and the flash does not fire. If I put on a 600 EX-RT, everything works as it should. When I use a ST-E3-RT remote control, it works just...
  4. Eldar

    Problem with tethering

    I am trying to improve my skills in a studio and tried to make my cameras work using tethered capture in LR. That turned out to be anything but easy. My 5DSR will not be recognised by the Macbook Pro at all. My brand new 5DIV goes into a cycle of connected/not connected and impossible to use...
  5. Eldar

    Excellent service from Canon.

    My 1DX-II had a minor issue with the lens locking mechanism, from the day I got it. It was a minor thing and I did not even recognise it as an issue. However, during a safari in Tanzania recently, the camera fell off my 200-400 lens a couple of times inside the safari vehicle. The first time I...
  6. Eldar

    5DIV review from

    My favourite reviewer, Bryan at TDP, has released his 5DIV review. It is a review in the making, so it is not complete yet.
  7. Eldar

    5DIV - Interchangeable focusing screens

    I have unsuccessfully tried to find out if Canon reintroduced interchangeable to the 5D series with the MkIV. Does any have concluding information one way or the other?
  8. Eldar

    5DIV price confirmed

    According to Cameratimes, the US price is confirmed at $3.499 and in Canada CAD4.299
  9. Eldar

    Most popular cameras
  10. Eldar

    Canon´s stupid 1DXII campaign, with alleged free CFast & card reader.

    When I bought the 1DXII, I was a happy customer, with an understanding that a CFast card and a card reader would follow the package. But it did not. After calling back to the store, asking for the missing delivery, I was informed that I had to contact Canon for that. After some searching, I...
  11. Eldar

    Canon imagePROGRAF 1000

    I finally got my Pro-1000 today. Unpacking, installation and setup took about 30 minutes, including the waiting time for the printer to align. I downloaded and installed the ICC for Canson Baryta paper and had my first print out within the hour.I am no print expert, but the quality that came out...
  12. Eldar

    The first 1DXIIs are out

    My photography friend Tom Svensson, who is a Canon Explorer, has just received his 1DXII and posted this image yesterday. This is a production model. Fingers crossed, deliveries will soon be coming our way.
  13. Eldar

    Nikon recall pre release ...

    Just found this :)
  14. Eldar

    My hands on with the 1DXII

    I was invited to a Canon arrangement today and got to try out a beta-version of the camera. Naturally, there were more people than me there, so it was not exactly a scientific test. But I got to check out a few things. I did not have the time to check out how the camera was set up. Silent...
  15. Eldar

    Zeiss 28mm f1.4 Otus APO-Distagon

    It is till some time to go before the deadly amongst us will hold one of these. Having the other two, I believe this will be a difficult one to resist. But at 1.35kg it is a massive mastodont ... While we wait, here is the first review I have found...
  16. Eldar

    Focusing issue with the 35mmf 1.4L II

    I got mine about a week ago. Optically it seems to be everything I was hoping for, BUT! autofocus is inconsistent. I have tried it on both 5DSR and 1DX, with the same result. Most of the time it is fine, with the manually verified AFMA setting I got. I had to do it manually, since FoCal was...
  17. Eldar

    Manual focus with Zacuto Z-finder on a 5DSR

    I have received a Zacuto Z-finder, to improve my ability to focus manually on a 5DSR, using live view. The issue is that, to focus accurately on wide open apertures, I need to zoom in on the focus point. With default buttons, that is quite cumbersome and slow, since I have to move my left hand...
  18. Eldar

    The danger of high resolution and sharpness

    I have just made a 6 image stitched panorama of the view from a house I´m renting, in a hill above Chania og Crete. I used my newly acquired 5DSR. The resulting image is about 270MP and the resolution and detail and sharpness and ... , whatever you´re after, is astonishing, fantastic, awesome...
  19. Eldar

    50mm f1.0L - At what price would you buy?

    There´s one of these rather rare lenses on sale here, for about $3.000. It is clearly not a lens I need, but since that is the case with most of my lenses, I was wondering at what price I should be tempted. At what price would you be tempted?
  20. Eldar

    Canon super zoom coming

    Canon, I take everything back. What a beauty. Wonder when it will be available and what they will charge for it ...