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    Why Focus Peaking Would be Useful on a DSLR Camera

    It seems that Canon's attitude is that they make autofocus lenses and for that reason they don't need focus peaking on their DSLR bodies. It seems that as far as EF mount lenses go, Canon's attitude is that they make no manual focus lenses. However, that isn't entirely true. In fact there are...
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    Will Canon Ever Revisit their Pellicle Mirror Design?

    Back in 1989 Canon introduced the first pellicle mirror, single lens translucent design in the Canon EOS RT. Its successor, the Canon EOS-1N, was capable of shooting up to 10 fps—on film. The problem was that...
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    Why You Should Stick with Your Canon DSLR and Forget Sony FF Mirrorless

    A lot of Canon users are being tempted to shoot with a Sony FF mirrorless due to the ability to adapt Canon lenses, and lured by the thought that the grass might be greener on the Sony mirrorless side of the fence. It isn't. Before you accuse me of being a Sony hater, I should also say I have...