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  1. PureClassA

    Canon 1DX Mk III - For Video

    Figured we could start discussion here just for video capabilities of the new 1DX3. Personally I think it's a great step up when you factor in Full Frame Read Out and RAW capability in addition to the video feature set introduced in the EOS R (10 Bit C-Log 422 at 4K and HDMI out). One of my...
  2. PureClassA

    New MacPro doubles previous release price ... $6000 ENTRY level

    Well I've been anxiously awaiting the news.... but now... not so much LOL
  3. PureClassA

    10 Min Film shot on EOS R - Highly Impressed with this Camera for Video

    Recently completed this with the EOS R. This was my first real video project I've shot and cut apart from a smaller 2-3 minute trailer I cut a year ago using the Canon 1DX2. I'm very impressed with the R. This was shot with the 4k 10 bit C Log out at 24fps to an Atomos Ninja V, recording in...
  4. PureClassA

    EOSHD Creates "C-LOG" profile for Canon Cameras. Available for download
  5. PureClassA

    Explain THIS phenomenon ?!

    First shot is RAW. Second shot is JPEG. Both on a 1DX2 with a Sigma 35MM ART. This is the ONLY lens/camera combo that I can generate this phenomenon on. Anyone have ANY clue what the hell is going on? If I shoot RAW, the JPEG preview shows the shadow rings. But upon import to LR, the RAW...
  6. PureClassA

    Canon 1DX II Battery Life

    Some months ago on another post, I was discussing the battery life of the 1DX and how many images I can get in a single charge during dance recital weekend. The key is that all your shots come in close succession. Obviously the longer interval between each shot, the fewer total shots you'll...
  7. PureClassA

    Maeda to be new Canon Inc CEO/President For those who recall Mr Maeda's recent video interview discussing how he lamented the speed at which Canon brings new tech to market... Looks like the man will have far more control of that ship starting in April to...
  8. PureClassA

    Unlimited DR Camera invented by students at MIT... Feast your eyes DRones ;-) How cool is this?!
  9. PureClassA

    Diffraction Limits on Canon 5DS of f8 ?? If you scroll down this link, they have a nifty diffraction calculator. If you open the advanced tab, you can punch in actual mega pixels. Set you Circle of Confusion to be based on pixels. If you set pixels to 50.6, you...
  10. PureClassA

    5DSR - Moire (or lack thereof) and other assorted things

    Although I have not done loads of shooting yet with it, I have been deliberately trying to make the 5DSR moire, but have yet to be successful. Initially with this camera, I surmised that perhaps we have reached such a point in high resolution that moire would sooner than later become a virtual...
  11. PureClassA

    Getting Canon 200-400 f4 L this weekend...advice?

    Dance recital time again this year! I usually rent a a 1DX for the weekend and fire away with my trusty 70-200 IS II, but this year I had the guys at toss in the 200-400 superbeast. I'll be shooting the stage from 100 feet away (huge recitals) so I can set it to focus from...
  12. PureClassA

    Black Magic Set to Steal NAB Again? Looks Like it.... Canon made a nice rig with the C300, but for $16000 in the US it's a beast of a price tag. They don't seem to want to compete in the sub $10k market for 4k resolution, where there seems to be a lot of...
  13. PureClassA

    What features would you most like to see added to the new 5DS and 5DSR?

    So the official specs are out. What if anything would you like to see added/changed before the actual production models are released in June? So far for me: 1. DUAL ISO - This seems so simple a firmware tweak to add in as ML did in their firmware hacks. A 50MP sensor in my mind is begging...
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    DO you correct lens vignetting when sot wide open??

    Here's a fun question for everyone! Landscapes I assume most of us will correct in post for natural light falloff, however, most landscapes are shot stopped down and don't really require much if any at all. But with portraiture, I have found myself falling in love with the natural lens...
  16. PureClassA

    Anyone care to try and make sense of this?! Sigma announces two new lenses .... they are damn near identical in every way...
  17. PureClassA

    Astrophotography Conversions

    With new Canon stuff on the near horizon, I'm debating (If I decide to get the new 7DX) whether to sell my 7D or investigate having a conversion done on it for IR/Astrophotography. Does anyone have any recommendations as to who does the best aftermarket conversions? I've seen companies all...