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  1. MJ

    Best Flash Bracket System for Wildlife Photography

    Hello fellow CR friends, I know here are a quite a few wildlife interested people, heavily invested in quality gear, and I count on you and your valuable insight. Which of these two systems would you recommend for shooting wildlife with long lenses (Canon 600mm f4L IS II, 200-400 f4L IS...
  2. MJ

    What's the purpose/market of the 400mm f4 IS DO II?

    Dear CR members, I don't quite understand the reason of the existence for this lens. Sure it's nicely designed, weather sealed and doesn't change size, a bit shorter and lighter than a conventional designed lens, but for a walk around super tele lens it's still pretty bulky and heavy and...
  3. MJ

    Any good U.S. / European made Reflectors/Diffusers & Soft boxes?

    Hi everybody, browsing for several lighting modifiers and accessories and wonder if there are any good quality electors, diffusers and soft boxes still any made in the USA or Europe or has every company 'migrated' to the east? Thanks
  4. MJ

    7D II vs SL1/100D?

    Before I get lynched daring to compare these two bodies please consider this: I learned DSLR photography on my reliable little SL1/100D, but I feel I somehow 'outgrew' this little gem... What I like to photograph: -(40%) Animals/Wildlife -(25%) People/Street photography, available light, no...
  5. MJ

    5Ds (R) in crop mode vs 7D II

    Hi, I'm wondering which camera would deliver better image quality and higher resolution of a subject like an animal far away: either one of the new 5Ds or 5Ds R in crop mode (or manually crop in post production) vs the 7D II with it's native APSC crop sensor. Thanks
  6. MJ

    Complete photography bundle III - posting vanished

    Hello Forum, as quickly as the posting here appeared about the "complete photography bundle", it also disappeared again, as soon as the 5 day sale finished. Strange. Anyway, are there any more impressions or feedback on the quality and quantity of the included content?
  7. MJ

    In Japan: Where to buy Canon gear?

    Hello, We're traveling throughout the sacred grounds of Canon and look for the best prices on Canon SLRs + lenses. Wandering around Shinjuku (Tokyo) we saw prices similar to the US. At times CPW is even cheaper for some lenses (naming the popular 100-400 L II...) Extra savings on no-tax...
  8. MJ

    My Hong Kong story - or - Are there any FAKE Canon lenses being sold?

    Hello everyone, Tonight I walked along the busy part of Nathan Road, Hong Kong and came across a small camera shop that offered a new non-grey market Canon 100-400 L IS II for approximately 6800 HK Dollars (=877 US Dollars) with a so-called "store-only warranty" for a period of 3 months(?) -...
  9. MJ

    Dust inside Canon 100-400mm f4.5-5.6 L II (?)

    Hello everyone, It doesn't pump anymore but still extends/retracts, unlike for example the 70-200mm, 200-400mm zooms... Not beating around the bush, what's the deal with internal dust? This thread is for every owner of the recently released successor of the 'dust pump', who uses the lens a...
  10. MJ

    The budget photographer's 400mm dilemma

    Hello everybody, There have never been more choices for the Canon wildlife photographer on a tight budget, yet I find myself longing for something else... something better! My current set: A crop body with a 70-200mm IS II and both teleconverters III The bare lens is stellar but I see a...
  11. MJ

    Canon EF-S 55-25mm IS STM vs EF 200mm 2.8L II

    Dear Canonrumors Forum, I've been spending a great deal of time trying to decide between these two lenses, which on the first look couldn't be more different in their features, but somehow both match the requirements for the usage I intend: I'm searching for a small(ish) and relative light...