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    Any ideas on getting good focus when shooting thru glass pane?

    Wife tried shooting XTi with 70-200 IS2 + 1.4 TC3 through glass pane for birds at feeders. The focus confirms, but results are horrible. I put the lens setup on my 5D3 and get the same horrible results. When shooting the same distance without glass pane in the path, focus is dead on for both...
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    Why does Canon USA not honor consumer product warranties?

    Mother-in-law bought a SX150, which 3 months later now has what appears to be a logic chip malfunction. Upon booting up it does everything as expected and then zooms to the long end upon where the user can no longer control it. Live view is still working but that's it. Canon USA told her she...
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    Bounce flash with YN-568 question

    I just got in a YN-568 ETTL II flash. This is my first experience with an ETTL flash - used manual to this point. I tried using it to bounce flash and it severely underexposes. My understanding of ETTL II is that exposure is set via a pre-flash and should account for bounce, or any other...
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    70-200 IS2 + Canon 1.4x teleconverter question

    I have the 70-200 IS2 and just ordered the Canon 1.4x teleconverter, should be here next week some time. I looked at the chart shots of this combo at and liked what I saw. However, the shots are only at 200mm plus the converter. I read the info on the...
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    AF assist for outer focus points on 5D3?

    Do flashes with AF assist only project a beam for center focus point use or do some models allow use of the outer points as well? If the latter, which models? Thanks in advance for any info shared!
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    Getting closer with 100L - use diopter? extension tube? both? other?

    I'd like to solicit thoughts and opinions about how to use a 100L at less than 1 foot distance [edit] or perhaps same working distance but greater magnification. My guess is a diopter on front or extension tube on back or maybe both? Please chime in if you have a solution and can comment...
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    5D3 vs 6D AF in low light

    So I just sent a 6D back for issues other than AF and ISO and get in a 5D3 and after a couple of hours with it all I can say is the 5D3 center point is a joke compared to 6D in low light. 5D3 won't focus at all on fabrics in moderately low light that 6D locks in well under a second. 5D3 is...
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    Ditch 100L for 70-200 L II ?

    I find I use my 100L as short tele most of the time (once I got thru all the initial bug pictures) and I'm pretty happy with the results I'm getting. I like having the IS and 2.8 is for the most part fast enough for me. I'm considering going to a 70-200 II instead and want to ask folks who've...
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    Kudos Sigma warranty

    I have a smooth finish 50mm Sigma f1.4 and it exhibited the focus pattern that Roger at Lens Rentals discusses, in that I could AFMA it to work from about 5-20 feet but either side of that would front/back focus. I sent it to Sigma USA, they got it back to me in a week with a firmware update...
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    Just ordered a 6D...

    Just ordered a 6D from B&H (using our host's link), will post my findings as to IQ, AF, etc as soon as it shows up...
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    BigValueInc - Ad claim of Canon USA Warranty is blatant lie, buyers beware!

    CR recently ran a tip about Canon EOS 5D Mark III Body $2499. Go to the eBay link and the ad clearly states at the top for all to see "Canon USA Warranty" which is in fact a blatant lie. I called Canon and asked them specifically about their warranty policy after reading their written legal...
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    Ugrade 50D and 5DII 1.5 stops ISO for $99?

    Just bought my upgrade for Capture One Pro v7 ($99) and the noise reduction tools are improved to the point where both my 50D and 5DII, to my eyes, are better at 1 to 1.5 stops higher ISO than with v6, which was IMO better than DPP by a small amount. My initial experience was that the v7 NR...
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    Capture One Pro 50% off till Sept 7

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    Capture One 6.4 out with 5D3 support
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    OT: Yet another "lens cap on test" with a twist...

    After all the posts around here about folks testing their 5D3 by taking pictures with the lens cap on and others debating the relative merits thereof, I could not pass up posting this link: Pretty amazing. Pretty useless...
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    Two thumbs down for Capture One Pro 6 with 5D2 files

    I have been a big proponent of Capture One Pro 6 as it has allowed for very good results when processing and converting files from a 50D and 60D. However, the sharpening and color noise reduction are virtually useless when processing 5D2 files. The sharpening introduces all sorts of bright...
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    lens advice for kids on stage and some wildlife

    My thought is 70-200 IS II f/4 plus a 1.4x teleconverter. Seem like this would be good as a "entry level" birding setup on a crop body. 448mm equivalent at f/5 I believe. Just the lens sans the teleconverter seems a decent choice on a FF for shooting kiddos on stage when they do their...
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    Shoot HD video with 50D with Magic Lantern!

    Just thought I'd share this with 50D users... Magic Lantern has enabled 1920x1080 30fps video recording on the 50D. Has all the Magic Lantern goodies like focus peaking and zebras, etc. The 50D does have two significant caveats: does not record sound so something like a Zoom H4n is needed and...
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    Paragon Disk Manager Suite

    Just a shout out for Paragon Disk Manager Suite 2011. I just used it (again) to migrate an OS drive to a new SSD and it was quick and auto aligns the SSD for max performance. Highly recommended if you need this sort of thing.
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    T3i macro video at 3x digi-crop?

    Has anyone shot any "macro" videos with the T3i 3x digital crop with a 100mm (or so) macro lens? I'd be interested in seeing clips if anyone has done it, plus of course hearing your opinions.