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    AI Servo for BIF - Best Performing Canon Cameras?

    In regards to AI Servo mode for birds in flight, is there a generally agreed consensus on the ranking of Canon cameras. How would you list the top 5 of all time? Am I right in thinking: - 1. 1DX2 2. 1DX 3. 5D3 4. 7D2 5. 80D I'm just curious about which cameras are going to acquire...
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    Pixma Pro 100 for $12

    Over on a Fuji site, they've managed to get a special promo code for the Pixma Pro 100 at B&H. The printer is normally $400, if you use the promo code, it lowers the price to $300. There is a mail in rebate of $250, bringing the net cost to $50. They're throwing in $38 in free paper, giving a...
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    A DXO Parody

    A funny look at the DxO Mark And something with a few more details: - I don't know how well balanced this guy is. But he's not afraid to put his opinion out there.
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    DSLR vs Consumer Camcorder

    Do consumer camcorders (let's say - something under $500) offer any benefits over a DSLR for making non-challenging videos - eg typical family situations, people giving presentations at work etc?
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    Grease on filter threads?

    Do you ever put a small amount of grease on your filter threads? If so, what do you use? Graphite? Teflon? Other?
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    Time Lapse Tools

    There's a new ferry terminal being built outside my office and I thought it would be fun to make a timelapse movie of it. I'm thinking of taking one photo per day - probably towards sunset. But, this will be my first longer term time lapse movie. So I've got a query. With sunset times...
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    Software for slideshows in .exe format - Any suggestions?

    Hi, I need to package a slide show in .exe format. Does anyone have a suggestion for software to use? A quick search brings up ProShow Gold and Picturestoexe. Any recommendations? Is there anything else to consider?
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    Photographing Ghosts / UV Photography?

    When you photograph ghosts, do you use the infrared spectrum or UV? I'm just about to send a camera out for an IR conversion, and am just trying to decide if there is any benefit to a full spectrum conversion compared with a two spectrum conversion. Apart from potential ghost hunting, seeing...
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    Pixma Pro 100 vs Pro 10 vs Pro 1

    Apart from ink longevity, is there a compelling reason to choose the Pixma Pro 10 or Pro 1 over the Pro 100? I only print a dozen photos per month, with many in B&W if that makes a difference. (With the recent rebates, there are numerous printers appearing on eBay - buying one for around $200...
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    Portrait Pricing

    For those looking to start a photography business and after ideas on pricing, I attended a relative's graduation yesterday and we had some photos taken afterwards by the official photographers. Just posting this in case someone finds the pricing info useful. (Although, personally, I think some...
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    Photographic Honours

    Just wondering if anyone here has earned any photographic honours? If so, do you have any tips for those starting out? I've just been reading that it might be best to focus on prints, as there might be a little less competition in relation to acceptances. Does anyone know if that's the case?
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    What happens when you hit 10,000 posts?

    Am I the only one curious about this? Is the 1DX the pinnacle of the rankings? Or do you become a 1DC? To me, advancement to a 1DC seems a little odd...I know it sells for more than the 1DX, but being a photographer, I wouldn't really consider it an upgrade. I guess we'll find out in the...
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    How do you carry your tripod?

    My old tripod bag is getting a bit old and worn. Plus, it has never been that comfortable to carry around. So, I'm curious how other people carry tripods to see if there is a better way. If you are travelling light on a short walk - say only an hour or two - what do you do? Do you use a...
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    Hi, my video knowledge is...ummm...very limited. I'm going to make some videos. They will be of someone talking. They will be made indoors with no other distracting sounds that need to be blocked out. I know sound quality is very subjective, but I want "good" sound quality. Doesn't have to...
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    Canon wins big at TIPA

    Not sure if this has been mentioned, but good to see Canon walking away with some awards including best professional lens (24-70 f/2.8), best expert Camera (6D), best video DSLR (1DC), best entry level DSLR (100D) and best expert printer (pro-10)...
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    Future of APS-C Given 6D Pricing

    I see the 6D is now $1649 from some suppliers. Even here is Australia, the global HQ of the Canon overpricing division, 6D's are $1800 (GST Excl). With the upcoming 7Dii and 70D, for the first time ever, we'll likely have APS-C bodies priced higher than FF bodies. Wow! This really...
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    600D vs 100D

    I know I'm going to get asked this... With the 600D $445 locally and the 650D $586, apart from the small size, what does an $800 100D offer? I'm also getting the impression the 700D isn't a dramatically improvement over the 650D and you wouldn't pay a large premium. Am I missing something?
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    Time Lapse Movie Software

    Hi, I'm going to try my hand at making time lapse movies. Just wondering what your favourite software is? Can you recommend some software that allows you to zoom and pan but is also suitable for a beginner? I currently have Photoshop CS4 (non-extended version) and Lightroom if that makes a...
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    Geminid Meteor Shower Suggestions

    Any good tips for photographing meteor showers?
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    Solar Eclipse Next Week - Any Suggestions?

    We've got a total solar eclipse next Wednesday morning (14th November) in Northern Australia. Does anyone have any good suggestions for photographing one? Any special filters or preferred lenses that you'd suggest?