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    Filter System for EF-S 10-18

    Thanks for all the replies and information. Currently I have a generic Cokin A system clone. When shooting at the widest focal length vignettes. My other current lenses are the standard 18-55 kit, 50/1.8, Tamron SP 70-300 and Tamron SP 150-600. I don't think I will see the need for filtering...
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    Filter System for EF-S 10-18

    Looking for advice on which Cokin filter system to get for my EF-S 10-18. I am thinking the P series holder/filters would lead to vignetting. Does anyone have experience with the ZPro series and this lens. Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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    Ethics of a photograph containing a baited animal

    Personally, I would say it is not ethical. If the eagles were not baited you would probably have never gotten that close or known exact location where they would be. I do spend a lot of time trying to get great bird photos but, I would not bait any wild animal for the shot.
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    B&H to start collecting taxes in NJ... Was good while it lasted...

    One of the best reasons to live in Delaware! As a Delaware resident, no sales tax!
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    L Bracket for Canon T5i with battery grip

    OK, looking for a Pro Media PLCBGE8 that is no longer available. If anyone has one and they are willing to part with it, let me know. Anyone know who might have old stock available, let me know. Thanks.
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    L Bracket for Canon T5i with battery grip

    Anyone know of a decent L bracket that will fit a Canon T5i with a battery grip? I am using one of the generic battery grips now but, I think they are pretty close to the form factor of the original Canon battery grip. Thanks in advance.
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    Spring at Prime Hook NWR, Delaware USA. Canon T3/EF75-300, 120mm, f6.3, 1/320 sec, ISO 100 Photo by Conny Dabson.
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    Show your Bird Portraits

    Here is mine. A Downy Woodpecker at Eastern Neck NWR, MD.
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    Magnifier MG-Eb/MG-Ef

    I am trying to research if this new eyecup will fit the T3/1100d. If so, when can I get one????