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  1. illadvisedhammer

    Patent: Canon RF 35mm f/1.4 Soft Focus

    Inspiring photos, thanks for the link
  2. illadvisedhammer

    Industry News: Leica announces the Leica SL2

    I dunno, Canon already has an SL3, and that's like, one better, or to put it another way, 50% more. I think both have 23.99P, not sure what else could be different.
  3. illadvisedhammer

    SIGMA again announces EF-M lenses, and mount conversion service

    There is a tiny equivalent to he 100-400, it’s the EF-S 55-250. 400 we at the long end, great diameter and balance on the m with the adapter, feels great to walk around with that combo all day on an M. I had the 70-300 and got rid of it when I tried the 55-250 stm with no regrets. It’s not just...
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    Canon EOS M6 Mark II full specifications

    Thanks for the feedback, I don’t know anyone with an RP and was wondering if low power flash could keep up or be used. Perhaps similar to you I use flash in almost all of my insect macro, which is either in the field or inside for a few minutes before releasing them, utterly dependent on the...
  5. illadvisedhammer

    Canon EOS M6 Mark II full specifications

    Sample-size-of-one-guy here, i'm disappointed I don't see any mention of focus-bracketing, which the RP has, and was also hoping for IBIS. Those were my two make-me-buy features. My current cameras are often delightful and amazing, hope I have the self control to stay with them.
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    Canon EOS 90D Specification List [CR1]

    I actually think the EF-S is a good 55-250 that fits by weight and diameter with the EF-M philosophy, and seemed better to me at matched focal lengths than the 55-200 (sold the 55-200 kept the 55-250, and is great for outdoor/good-light sports. I'm not an engineer so I'm only guessing about the...
  7. illadvisedhammer

    Opinion: Canon is causing its own problems with the RF mount

    You're right, although once I've picked a distance / composition either moving the camera or changing the magnification on the lens slightly is for focus rather than magnification. I probably shouldn't have mentioned the MPE, but an autofocus macro that goes down to 3X or 4X would allow for...
  8. illadvisedhammer

    Opinion: Canon is causing its own problems with the RF mount

    Here in sample-size-of-one land, my response to the imminent obsoleting of my beloved 80D was to .. double down on EF-S and pick up an inexpensive used Sigma 50-100 1.8 for indoor sports and portraits. It's a lot cheaper than trying to match with FF. Also sold the 6d in hopes of 6D II prices...
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    My pet P. audax jumping spider

    Beautiful shots, nice focus plane catching 'eye+something else' either mouthparts or eggs
  10. illadvisedhammer

    Canon EOS 80D Will Be The Next DSLR Replaced [CR1]

    I'd like to add my sample size of one here and see if anyone else has the same wants. I have an 80D and an m6 and the 80D is mostly delightful, could be my last camera. Most of the features I want are mirrorless ones - flexible focus bracketing/stacking for insect macro on AF lenses, focus...
  11. illadvisedhammer

    Spined assassin bug, S. diadema (I think)

    Nice mouthparts and light background where you need it!
  12. illadvisedhammer

    645 or Rokinon?

    I use a xxD for macro and best focus, an M2 for travel and compactness, but I occasionally stick a roll of film into an old 620 to get shallower depth of field and interesting grains. I shot a few rolls on a Fuji GA645 which was fun, but a little wide angle. I'm trying to decide between a couple...
  13. illadvisedhammer

    Review: Canon EF-S 35mm f/2.8 Macro IS STM

    The 35 f2 IS is my favorite non-macro lens (I only have a crop-sensor), but I will get this, at least when it appears refurbished. This lens would be absolutely used on days out with the family but with macro potential. The LED lights vs flash means no freezing action, but still better, for...
  14. illadvisedhammer

    Canon EF-S 35mm f/2.8 Macro IS STM Images & Specs Leak Out

    Re: Canon EF-S 35mm f/2.8 Macro IS STM Images & Specs Leak Out All good advice above, the EF-S compactness advantage outweighs any macro+LED penalty in this case, 190g for the new lens vs 335 for the 35 f2 IS. I would guess that the new lens would cost about the same as the f2 IS refurbished...
  15. illadvisedhammer

    Canon EF-S 35mm f/2.8 Macro IS STM Images & Specs Leak Out

    Re: Canon EF-S 35mm f/2.8 Macro IS STM Images & Specs Leak Out No. The picture above from AJ is not the lens that is about to be released. Recently the EOS M platform got the EF-M 28mm f/3.5 IS Macro STM and it had integral illumination like this. That's the picture AJ shared. AJ was...
  16. illadvisedhammer

    New Canon EF-S Wide Angle Prime Announcement Coming April 5

    re ahsanford's thoughtful post, I'm a crop sensor user (M2 and 80D), and kind of EF-S lensed out (10-18, 24, 35+50 [EF], 55-250, 15-85). I feel the wide zooms (11-22 and 10-18) give me all the wide angle I need and I don't need wide aperture on those. My favorite/best lens outside the bug...
  17. illadvisedhammer

    Buying my first MACRO lens

    Lots of good advice and enough to convince anyone that there are few to no rules (like AF vs MF) that apply to everyone. Also, if you get into macro you won't use just one lens, and as your technique and tastes change you can sell and buy different lenses, so this isn't your last decision. I'll...
  18. illadvisedhammer

    Show your Bird Portraits

    Not up to the standards of this board, but fun to post the best I took with primitive tools (Rebel XT, 70-300 IS). These were both from Rwanda, a sunbird and a maribou.
  19. illadvisedhammer

    Firmware: Canon EOS 7D Mark II v1.05

    Speaking of non-sequitors, has there been a discussion of the possibility of cameras using contrast autofocus to periodically adjust the phase-contrast system on their own and remember the correction for that lens? Would the camera need to be at a known distance to do this?
  20. illadvisedhammer

    BIRD IN FLIGHT ONLY -- share your BIF photos here

    Fish Eagle, Akagera, Rwanda, Rebel XT, 70-300IS @ 280 mm, 1/400th f 6.3, not a great shot but lucky, sorry to miss the bill, grab and pan