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  1. Drainpipe

    Large fishing spider I found in the house

    I think this should be 1080x1080, if not my apologies- posting from mobile. Long story short, found this gorgeous Dolomedes tenebrosus in our house. Relocated to the heated garage so it can overwinter :) 5D IV, MP-E 65mm, MT-24EX 1/200, ISO200, f/11, flash heads at 1/4 each.
  2. Drainpipe

    Some recent jumping spiders

    Lots of photos, all different species. Have been having a ton of luck with the jumpers this year.
  3. Drainpipe

    Spined Micrathena spider

    Found this big girl scurrying across a strand of web in front of me. Luckily she landed on a tree letting me get a pretty dramatic shot of her abdomen. Be sure to let me know how these look, trying to upload via the new mobile site for CR.
  4. Drainpipe

    Gray wall jumping spider on my hand

    I was pretty happy with the way these two turned out. I'm in the process of adjusting my diffusion setup to be a little softer and have less intense hot spots. I was running at 1/200s, ISO400, and f/11-f/13 with the MT-24EX at 1/8 or 1/4 on each head. I'm starting to experiment with more flash...
  5. Drainpipe

    Harvestman in mid-molt

    Found this guy a few days ago. It s actually the first time that I have caught one in mid-molt, which is amazing to see. They’ll use a pulsating motion to pull themselves from their old skin.
  6. Drainpipe

    My pet P. audax after molting - big surprise!

    So today has been a rollercoaster of a day for me as an arachno-parent. I'll start by saying that I found a P. audax not too long ago hanging out on my mailbox, while it was nearing freezing temps. Feeling bad for the spider, I figured I could give her a warm home through the winter and then...
  7. Drainpipe

    My experience with the new TS-E 90mm f/2.8L Macro

    Overview This will be a relatively short review, as I only have had the lens a couple days. I took some photos, and to start this mini-review I think the lens is a great product. This is without a doubt a great successor to the TS-E 90mm f/2.8. I am extremely inexperienced with tilt-shift...
  8. Drainpipe

    Odds and ends

    This is basically for all the photos that don't necessarily need their own topic, but I still wanted to share :) Crab spider: Harvestman: Lady bug: Lime blossom: Mushrooms, Mycena sp. I believe: Sinister centipede: Juvenile grasshopper: Ichneumon wasp:
  9. Drainpipe

    My pet P. audax jumping spider

    This little lady has actually just made a hammock and hasn't been out in days. Either she's molting or is laying eggs. Pretty excited for either :) 1. 2. 3.
  10. Drainpipe

    Entomophthora muscae - Fly Death Fungus

    So this was an odd set and sequence of events. I'll start at the beginning with this photo: At first I thought it was just some sort of weird decay on the abdomen of the fly, and I was mainly focused on doing a memorialized death photo, if that makes sense. Got great focus on the eyes, and...
  11. Drainpipe

    When will we see a macro lens update?

    I know everyone is very excited about the possibility of the upcoming 50mm, but is there any love for the macros? Canon is unique in that they offer a lens design that literally no other company does in the MP-E 65mm 1x-5x, and the two 100mms and the 180mm are no slouch either. I am a huge...
  12. Drainpipe

    P. audax on thistle bush

    Very happy with these two shots, especially the first. Tried something new, and bumped my ISO to 400. I usually don't dare go above 200 for fear of noise. I think these have acceptable levels while also exposing correctly for the background. Super excited to try these settings some more...
  13. Drainpipe

    Gray tree frog

    Found this guy hanging out just next to a woodline. Photos started on the leaf he was perched on, but then moved to my finger that I was using to pose the leaf ::) My favorite shot of the group:
  14. Drainpipe

    Mama jumping spider and her clutch of eggs

    Found a female jumping spider with her clutch of eggs inside of a garden faucet handle. Surprisingly (or maybe not) aggressive. Be sure to check them out on Flickr/Instagram. I'm not fond of how the images look when scaled. It's like some sharpening de-mask happens or something. Flickr...
  15. Drainpipe

    Sleeping cuckoo wasp

    I love cuckoo wasps. Found sleeping on a foxtail in a hay field. 1/200, ISO200, f/14, flash heads each set at 1/4
  16. Drainpipe

    Spined assassin bug, S. diadema (I think)

    So I was traipsing around a family member's garden and found this guy. It's a nymph of a Sinea sp., and judging by the fact that it has sharp spines on its pronotum, I'm calling it a S. diadema sp. The only other option would be a spinipes sp., but they supposedly have blunt tubercules as...
  17. Drainpipe

    Brilliant jumping spider - P. clarus

    Found this guy wandering around looking for a mate or food. Missing their left pedipalp. Phidippus clarus. Shot with 5D Mark II, MP-E 65mm, and the MT-24EX. 1/100, ISO200, f/11, flash heads both at 1/4. Untitled by Brice Nihiser, on Flickr 1/100, ISO200, f/13, flash heads both at 1/4...
  18. Drainpipe

    Some recent spider portraits

    All taken with the 5DII, MP-E 65, and MT-24EX.