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    The Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark III is finally on the way

    so wow. This will have 4k and 120fps at 1080. Name a canon full frame mirrorless or dslr that has those specs for under $5K? None. This will be my new vlogging cam. Why didn't the eos r or the 6dII or eos rp? Canon just loves sticking it to us. I'm sure the new mirrorless pro body will have...
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    The next EOS R system camera gets a mention again [CR1]

    Stupid stupid canon. first they give us the R then the RP with old recycled sensors and wacky frame rates and crop video with no 120. Now they introduce a stupid overkill mp count on photos sensor that will pretty much mean you'll need to get a new computer and mega capacity memory cards and...
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    Deal: Canon EOS R body $1949 (Reg $2299)

    On sale because no one wants it. No different than the 5d4. Actually worse because the shutter speed sucks on it.
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    IBIS and 100mp coming to an EOS R camera? [CR2]

    Now would anyone what this? They need to perfect their cameras before they release anything. Not only will I need to upgrade a my computer to handle these files but the features need to be better. Like the eos R missing the mark with no ibis, crop 4k and only 60fps at 1080p. They should've just...
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    Canon confirms 8K capable EOS R camera in development

    how can they be working on a 8k camera when they have yet to perfect the 4k camera? They can't even put 120fps on the newest eos R? So far behind. I've been only a canon user since they first released the canon rebel dslr. Still love canon and do not plan on switching since I have all the L...
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    DPReview: Canon EOS R vs Nikon Z 6 vs Sony a7 III, which is best?

    This is what canon deserves for not putting out anything that can compete with the existing market. I've only ever shot canon nor do I choose to shoot anything else. I just have lost faith in their camera making abilities since I bought the canon 5dIV. They should've earned their lesson ever...
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    Canon EOS R body with more than 75mp on the horizon [CR2]

    please not that many mp. No need. I'm not upgrading to a new pc just to process those massive files. I just got all new macs. Just make a similar 5d r with 5dV layout on the buttons and no 4k crop WITH Dual card slots. I think it would satisfy nearly everyone.
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    The Canon EOS R will begin shipping to customers on October 9, 2018, if not sooner

    I'm waiting for the pro version of this to be released in the coming months. I'll pass on this one and wait for what hopefully will be the best camera Canon has released. I'm expecting full 4k no crop, dual card slots, faster fps and 60fps and 120fps
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    Functionality being added to the Canon EOS R soon after release with firmware update

    maybe they'll add ibis firmware!
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    Is the new Canon full frame mirrorless called the EOS R?

    Why are you making this a money $$$ issue. I don't care the cost. I'd buy it if it were 3-4k or even more. Just have the features I want. Simple. Give it a simple 4k codec, dual card slots and 120fps at 1080. atleast 1080.
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    Here are the full Canon EOS R specifications

    this is basically a mirrorless 6d II. wait for the 5d mirrorless model to be out early next year.
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    Canon Hong Kong teases the September 5 announcements

    be prepared for what? We already know everything about the flop mirrorless camera. I was hopefull but... It's basically a mirrorless 6d mark II.
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    Is the new Canon full frame mirrorless called the EOS R?

    Wow. ok. So people who want 120 fps on video don't know how to shoot video? All that matters is that I take better video and photos than you and I'm sure I do. You're one of the slow ones on this forum too I bet.
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    Is the new Canon full frame mirrorless called the EOS R?

    I don't care how much this thing is I just hope it does video well. We already know canon kills it on the photo side but the video has been lacking. Please give us a workable 4k and atleast 120fps at 1080 for video. The 1dx II is too damn big to haul around all the time. Flippy screen would be nice.
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    Is the new Canon full frame mirrorless called the EOS R?

    This is the same debate that people had when the 6d mark II was rumored and then released. The lack of 120fps on video and 4K. People were losing their shit and telling people to go screw themselves and switch canon to something else or buy a dedicated video camera. Those people are dumb! Why...
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    A New Style of Camera From Canon Currently Being Tested [CR2]

    This may pose a problem if you're using larger lenses as the body will be wanting to tip/swivel downward.
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    Canon EOS 6D Mark II Dynamic Range Talk & Sample Images

    Re: Canon EOS 6D Mark II Dynamic Range Talk & Sample Images Head over to my channel. I did a comparison edit in lightroom between the canon 5d3 and canon 6d mark II.
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    Canon EOS 6D Mark II Dynamic Range Talk & Sample Images

    Re: Canon EOS 6D Mark II Dynamic Range Talk & Sample Images Thanks. I upgraded to the new Lightroom 6.12 and can now open the files.
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    Canon EOS 6D Mark II Has Begun Shipping

    I totally agree! I'm a midnight bird photographer and need to be able to pull those shadows. I guess this camera was only made for the people who like to shoot in the day. Where's the challenge in that?