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  1. drolo61

    Missing focus with 5D4 a little too often

    Valued community, I run a semi-professional career as a child photographer for the business of my wife (www(dot)pickapooh[dot]de) All the pictures you see there are mine. I do work with a 5D4 since it came out, and after swapping from the 5D3 I seem to miss focus a little too often for my...
  2. drolo61

    AI Servo AF not reliable in 5D4

    Dear all, I have had an intense weekend shooting children's hats for my wifes company. I use BBF with AI servo to be able to follow the running little beauties. For the first time I have a relatively lower rate of critically sharp images (70-200 2.8 II IS), although working faster than 1/200...
  3. drolo61

    Remote communication with assistant

    Dear all, has anyone yet found a solution how to "stealthyly" communicate with your assistants over larger distances (2-5m). I do children shots for a little hat company in Germany and would sometimes love to be able to communicate secret service like via in-ear mic/speaker. System must run on...
  4. drolo61

    Any chance to re-create data that have been formatted on a CF card (in-camera)

    Call my stupid - I am. I had important files carelessly on a CF card for too long without back-up. Used that bcard on auto-pilot as I do for any new shooting and formatted both cards for the next shoot. Any chance to get the files back? Thanks for any helpful idea, and yes it is my fault anyway...
  5. drolo61

    EF 50 1.2 L - rather buy older or newer copy of this lens?

    Short shout for advice. Currently looking for a used copy of the 50 1.2 (buying in Germany). On Ebay a re various good looking copies available. Prices are slightly below 1000 e. Copy age varies between 1987 to 2012. Optically they look all equally good with genuine pictures. Rather buy older or...
  6. drolo61

    AFMA - what range do you see in your body and lens combos?

    Just calibrated my new 5DMarkIV to my existing range of lenses using FoCal 2.4. I have 50 1,4 135 L 2,0 24-70 L 2,8 II 70-200 L 2,8 IS II I got AFMA values between +1 to +8, with "excellent fit" for the "L"s and a relatively inconsistent focus on the 50. Would you consider that range "normal"?
  7. drolo61

    600EX-RT - no radio contact available

    Dear guys and girls, I have a 600EX-RT for some time and just added anotherone to the gear. Now I discover that I can not find ETTL with radio (Ican find optical link, annnd I can use radion for linked shots). Is it me, or is it the machine??? Any andvice greatly apprechiated. Cheers Olaf
  8. drolo61

    Theft/loss of gear in NYC on Monday 12 May 2014

    Guy and girls - I am in trouble While departing from NYC this Monday to go the airport and back home to Germany, my camera bag "disappeared" someweher betwen the supposedly secure holding space at the Ink48 and my arrival at Newark airport. I spare you the details (stupidity on my behalf cannot...
  9. drolo61

    Camranger vs cameramator

    Has anyone tested one or both of these wireless "range extenders"? If so, which to buy?
  10. drolo61

    Exportintensiv RAW Files from LR4.3 catalouge

    Hey guys, Is it possible to export a selection of pictures filtered by e.g. the rating as raw file copy to another location on the drive? Thanks for any good idea
  11. drolo61

    Review of my bag - help me to reduce weight and overlap

    Dear all, suffering a boust of GAS I would apprechiate couple of thoughts on my bag. I shot mainly kids fashion on a semi-professional level and like travel photgraphy (if I tarvel without family). Skilled amateur, taking pics for about three decades now. Weight is an issue on business trips...
  12. drolo61

    Recommendations for fast & sharp 24 ff prime?

    Dear all, I look for a fast 24 prime on 5D3. Not sure, if manual focus will be ok with standard screen. I have 24-105, which is a bit buly for my taste. Have a legacy Sigma 24/2.8 originally for Nikon with an EOS adapter. Tested it seems not "sharp enough", especially at infinity. Not sure if...
  13. drolo61

    Manual focussing support OTHER than live view on 5D3

    Hi everyone, is there any option to change the focussing screen in the 5D3 for better manual focus with legacy glass? If not, any other option to support quick and as accurate as possible focus using the viewfinder? Thanks for your help! Cheers Olaf
  14. drolo61

    Rescue of preview renderings in lightroom 4.3

    Call me stupid, but I lost a couple of files while restructuring my hard drives. 1:1 preview in variuos lightroom catalouges still exist. Is there any known method of rescuing at least those images? Thanks for any advice...
  15. drolo61

    Need help - setting up a 5D on a windows7 PC

    Hi all, changed to 5D3 recently, passed down my 5D to my son in law. Windows7 notebook does not autodetect the camera, initial software kit no longer available (got lost in one of many transitions). How would I get the PC and camera talk to each other? Thanks for any ideas. Cheers Olaf
  16. drolo61

    Sharing images to a closed group of people

    Hi there, I have a couple of pics to share with company customers (I dont take pictures for a living). The solution should be easy, free of charge (if possible) and secure. I am living in Germany (should that influence your recommendations) Thanks for any help!