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  1. DominoDude

    Canon is rumoured to buy Axis.

    This came as a news flash just minutes ago from a newspaper: Canon Inc. plans to buy Axis Communications. Axis is a maker of various surveillance camera systems. Update: A brief comment from Axis homepage -> The press release...
  2. DominoDude

    Canon EF 11-24mm f/4L USM

    Wasn't sure about the most appropriate place to post this, but I hope this will do for now. Here are a two shots (and some cropped parts) taken with the new EF 11-24 mm f/4L attached to a pre-production 5Ds R. I'm not going to translate the article by Magnus Fröderberg, because I'm sure you just...
  3. DominoDude

    Suggestion: After bots and SPAMMERS have visited the forum... could perhaps be a wise idea to clean out all those posts in order to stop them from showing up on the front page on the site. Right now they're given a free advertising column showing all those goodies.
  4. DominoDude

    The structure of a CR2 file

    First, I may have placed this in a thread / topic in which it don't belong. Feel free to inform me or move it (if you have such powers). Was the best I could figure out for now, and no search returned anything showing the same or similar content. For those who want to waste a few hours, or if...
  5. DominoDude

    The Joy Formidable - Malmoe 2013

    A few shots of The Joy Formidable when they played in Malmoe last year at the Malmöfestivalen. Ritzy Bryan - lead vocals, guitars (a lot of them, she almost changed to a different one at every song) Rhydian Davies - bass Matt Thomas - drums Also on stage was Ritzy's mascot.
  6. DominoDude

    Sekonic C-700(R)

    I've just read a short press-release/article about the Sekonic Spectromaster C-700. (The R-version has built in radio transmitter by Pocket Wizard for remote firing of flashes.) Is this as new as it seem to me, or have I not paid enough attention to light meters? Never heard of light meters...
  7. DominoDude

    Article to dig into at Luminous Landscape - Optimum exposure

    Fairly new piece of text by Bob DiNatale -> Tags: Exposure, ETTR, Metering, M.A.P., Noise
  8. DominoDude

    Latest report: Results for 3rd quarter 2014

    More can be found here -> Straight to the PDF with the nitty-gritty details -> Operating profit down 20.7%, but at least they are still making profit. Edit: I'm not smart enough to drill...
  9. DominoDude

    A set of new Leica lenses for the Leica M.

    For a quick glance on what they look like -> If you like to read it in your favourite language, Swedish, there are a few lines about each of them. -> The...
  10. DominoDude

    Interesting article and videos from fstoppers

    I might have a gene or two dedicated to sadism, but this was both educational, and fun. There are explaining videos, as well as photo and video from the project. The Stun Gun Photoshoot - by Patrick Hall -->...
  11. DominoDude

    Playing For Change

    A shot of Grandpa Elliott from tonight's concert with Playing For Change. (I've got some 470 more, with gritty noise and all, so you might expect to see a few more later on.)
  12. DominoDude

    Your experience of Metz flashes.

    It took me years to buy my first dSLR, and I suspect that it will take me another bunch of years until I buy my first serious flash. I had my first experience with a Metz "hammerhead" on a Nikon F-something back in the mid 80's, and it had a colour consistency like no other flash and it was...
  13. DominoDude

    The clumsy part of me managed to drop the 7D. What should I check for?

    I was out on a trip yesterday, and was standing in/at a waterfall and decided my 400/5.6L was not the proper lens to have on. Found a solid stone and made the camera balance on the lens hood, backed it up with my backpack and my leg. It didn't take more than a few seconds before the camera...
  14. DominoDude

    INFO: Update of lens database for DLO in DPP.

    I just found out yesterday that there's, at least, one new lens to have optimisation data in the DLO (Digital Lens Optimizer). This information is for those that use Canon's Digital Photo Professional to process their photos. The lens I found data for is the EF 400/5.6L.