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    Real world battery life - time lapses

    Since no one talks about it, I figure I'll start a thread: T6i with OEM LP-E17 battery Canon 10-18mm lens, IS & AF off Using an external wired intervalometer (delay start 20 min, with power down set at 1min) screen folded inward with image review turned off 5 second interval RAW image Filled a...
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    100MP CMOS by Sony aka the Phase One XF100 40.4 x 53.7mm 11608 x 8708 pixel dimensions 4.6 micron sensor size $49,000 with XF body and 80mm LS lens
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    Security device for the bottom of your camera bag?

    I've got a crazy idea and I think I'll do it in the next few weeks. In the USA, AT&T has this little Amber Alert device, and there are dog GPS tracking devices. If I were to leave a bag somewhere, I'm tempted to say having one of these in it would be a gear saver in the event it decided it...
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    EOS M2 part of Apple update Hope still exists of a USA launch soon
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    Perfect use for a M - plane camera

    Did a nice little trip to SFO with the girlfriend, had the big camera packed away in a Chrome Niko Pack (amazing bag that fits a lot). Had the M with the EF-S 10-22 on it - I think I am going to order the 11-22 just because it worked so well. Shot out the window - and I think airlines are...
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    Forum add? Technique and Advice -> Location, location location

    It pops up enough, everything from "i'm headed to XYZ, where/what/gear advice", to locals looking for a new place/topics to shoot. Keep the topic names to cities or islands?
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    Profoto B1 500w/s TTL flash (Canon only right now)

    Um.. DAMN! Traffic crashed their site, but 500w/s with TTL - using their remote - 220 pops per battery - and it's itty bity. TTL is in the remote you place on camera, Canon right now, and they promise a Nikon version next year...
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    How big do you print?

    I'm on a tear printing things, and I keep reminding myself that looking at a photo on a screen of any type really isn't looking at a photo properly. Screens are backlit, where as prints are frontlit. So, how big have you pushed your images? Stitched images count, so if you're abusing a roll...
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    Eneloop 8pk AA's with charger for $16 - 2,000mAh model, $16 - makes it pretty easy.
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    Anything shot with the EOS-M

    Since a number of us got one. I'm really impressed and will shoot something worth posting later today.
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    Prices trending higher?

    I'm itching to click the buy button on the 5d mk3, but the last week or so it's jumped $400. Is MAP really starting to effect things? Or does wedding season really lower inventory this much? I view the body as a solid $3k and the kit a solid $3,500 price point. Might need to check to see if...
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    Canon 5d mk3 body-only @ Newegg for $2,900

    Free shipping, no tax, etc
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    Recommendation sub-forum?

    There is a lot of 'what do you think I should buy' topics, and grouping them together would be really nice. Toss on top of that doing a sticky FAQ on what needs to be a part of these recommendation requests. Things that are constantly asked - what do you have, what do you shoot, what's your...
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    Dream Package for Soccer???

    I won an auction to shoot sideline/endline at a MLS game here in Seattle. Having done this before, I was slightly limited in what I was shooting, but I'm going all out for this one. The dilemma I'm having is what to rent to augment my existing kit... At this point here's what I have coming...
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    Shooting both in front and behind yourself?

    So, I heard a long time ago when shooting, make sure to turn around and see what's behind you - it may be a better photo. When shooting sports, the celebration around scoring - thinking in soccer specifically - I'm actually thinking having a body on my back with a wide angle prime lens and a...
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    5d2 or 6d

    4 years is a long time, but the 5d2 is still an amazing camera. Drooled over a 5d3 but really can't justify the purchase (yet).
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    Capture One 25% off

    Both the Pro and Express are discounted - $224.25 and $74.25 respectively. License works for Mac's or PC's Expires on 4/22
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    Advice for checking a used 5Dmk2

    With all the new mk3's out there, I'm going to snag a used mk2 on the cheap (and I won't be the only one). What advice or process would you use to look at a used body? Shutter count doesn't really matter if the unit was mainly a video rig. Checking for hot pixels is key, but how can I test a...